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How new technology is reinventing local public services


Driven by severe budgetary pressures and rising citizen expectations, the UK could be poised for a period of widespread local innovation, propelled by startups and the most forward-thinking local councils. This report:

  • Explains the local government landscape and the drivers for change that are stimulating innovation
  • Explores past approaches to local council IT and technology spending
  • Details the latest technological trends that are providing new impetus for reform
  • Highlights the digital agendas of the most forward-thinking and digitally mature councils
  • Showcases the most innovative startups that are working with local government today
  • De-mystifies the procurement processes and sales cycles of local councils
State of the UK GovTech Market

Unlocking the potential of startups to solve public problems


Across the world, the modern state is undergoing an extraordinary transformation. A new generation of technology is changing the way governments engage with citizens. This report:

  • Gives a history of the UK GovTech market from 1997
  • Provides a comparison between the £6.6 billion UK FinTech and UK GovTech markets
  • Showcases the breadth of the UK-wide GovTech ecosystem which is emerging
  • Forecasts that the UK GovTech Market will reach £20 billion by 2025
  • Lists the Public 100: the most comprehensive list of UK GovTech firms
  • Shows that public sector sales cycles have become significantly less complicated
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