Ageing with confidence: An interview with Birdie

Imogen Granger

15 January 2020

We spoke to Abeed Mohamed, co-founder of GovStart 2019 company Birdie Care, about how their solution helps care workers and improves the lives of elderly people.

What is Birdie and why did you embark on this venture? 

At Birdie, our vision is a world in which we all age with confidence. Many of us have come from social impact or care backgrounds, and we believe that everyone deserves to live life to the fullest. We support care professionals and families so that older adults can live longer, healthier and happier lives in their own homes. We’re on a mission to radically improve the lives of a million older adults!

How does your solution help elderly people?

We provide a solution that home care agencies can rely on to deliver better and safer care for older people in their own home. We give care agencies, local authorities and families instant visibility of the care provided to older adults, and we use home monitoring sensors to monitor activity throughout the day. Using these two sources of information, we flag early warning signs of potential health issues, and help keep people out of hospital and in their own homes as they age.

We’re also providing a Care Companion coaching service to support family members of those living with dementia, and we’re working with the Health Service & Local Authorities to better connect all the different services that touch and support older adults.

Your journey with PUBLIC 

We joined the GovStart programme in 2019, and so far have had a great experience. From engaging with top Government ministers & civil servants, to the opportunity to visit Number 10 & pitch in front of the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, GovStart has done wonders for building our profile. We’re really excited to work with PUBLIC to engage with Local Authorities directly, and really appreciate the mentoring support we get.

What was the highlight of 2019 for Birdie?

There’s been a few standout moments for Birdie over the last year, including becoming B Corp certified, joining the GovStart & Digital Health London accelerators, and announcing the hire of the CQC’s Executive Director of Strategy and Intelligence, Malte Gerhold. However, the highlight has probably been the way we’ve been able to drive the agenda on technology in social care. From engaging with the CQC through their roundtable discussions, to working with the National Care Forum on codifying data in social care within the SNOMED CT framework, we’ve made huge strides towards improving standards and interoperability in social care.

Looking forward, what are the next steps for Birdie? 

The announcement of £4.5M in Government funding to bridge the technology gap between the NHS and Social Care presents a huge opportunity for a partnership between an innovative Local Authority and Birdie to really start to tackle some of the communication problems in the sector. We’re also excited to continue to build out our health analytics engine, with the aim of keeping older adults safer and healthier in their own homes – and driving down costs for the NHS, Local Authorities, and care providers!

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