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What is the AWS Defence Accelerator?

In today’s environment, defence organisations seeking to maintain an operational advantage need to imaginatively exploit emerging cloud-based technologies, such as the internet of things, robotics, simulation and artificial intelligence. Information and data now underpin all activities within Defence and the appropriate sharing of timely, accurate and trusted information amongst defence actors remain paramount if the UK's Defence and National Security Strategy is to be realised. It is against this backdrop that PUBLIC, a leading GovTech firm supporting startups that want to scale in the public sector market, is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to launch the AWS Defence Accelerator programme. 

The AWS Defence Accelerator helps startups use AWS services to develop solutions that tackle some of defence organisations’ biggest challenges. Join experts from AWS and PUBLIC who help startups learn about defence startup development and acceleration, then get to work scaling your companies.

To find out more about the programme and ask any questions you might have, register for an information session with the AWS and PUBLIC teams at 1400hrs on Wednesday 8 June here.

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Our Mission

With the launch of AWS Defence Accelerator, we seek startups that can address and deliver mission solutions to Land, Air, Maritime, Space and Cyber domains. Our goal is to help startups with demonstrated commercial traction and the potential to scale in the defence industry, accelerate their impact, access additional resources, and expand their reach. Our programme is unique, compared to how other accelerators typically operate. Each participating company determines its own individual goals and focus. During the programme, the companies will benefit from both technical and commercial expertise at AWS, which will align with their challenges and objectives.

Startups do not have to have previously worked with defence customers. We welcome companies at all stages, from growth stage to series C and beyond.

Our Focus

Our focus areas include, but are not limited to:

Data Discovery and Optimisation

How can we help Defence organisations generate and leverage data?

We are looking for innovative solutions that support defence organisations' processes of data discovery and optimisation. These include technologies to enable faster and better decision-making, for example through advancing real-time analysis and situational awareness; as well as improving data governance and management, for example by allowing for high-quality data collection at scale and the streamlining and integration of data.

Defensive Cyber

How can we enable Defence to become more resilient to cyber threats to ensure its ability to deliver on mission demands?

We are looking for innovative solutions that support defensive cyber capabilities, such as technologies improving processes generating cyber threat intelligence and enabling fast threat detection, strengthening cyber awareness and cyber skills among Defence staff, preventing the spread of cyber attacks, and improving verification systems and encryption.

Space Exploitation

How can we optimise Defence space operations?

We are looking for innovative solutions that optimise defence space operations, for example by advancing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities, improving geointelligence, and enhancing communication capabilities through space infrastructure.

Sustainability in Defence

How can we embed sustainability into defence operations and deliver a Net Zero Defence?

We are looking for innovative solutions that help defence organisations deliver sustainable digital technologies as well as net-zero operations, for example by enabling the traceability and resilience of supply chains, embedding sustainability within digital procurement processes, tracking and modelling greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and improving the sustainability of building and facility management processes (such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and waste management).


The AWS Defence Accelerator is a four-week technical, business, and training accelerator opportunity open to startups that have existing UK operations, or the intention to pursue UK business opportunities in the near future. A cohort of 10 startups, who seek to use AWS to help solve the biggest challenges in the defence industry, will be selected to participate in this new programme.

Selected startups are eligible to receive AWS Promotional Credits, specialized AWS training, guidance from defence domain and technical subject matter experts, business development and go-to-market guidance. 

The programme will bring in defence industry leaders to collaborate with startups on topics ranging from defining business models, and POV exploitation. There will also be collaboration opportunities with AWS customers and members of the AWS Partner Network looking for innovative defence solutions.

If you would like to get involved as a speaker or corporate partner, please contact us.

Key Dates for the Accelerator

1 July

Applications Due

31st Aug - 2nd Sept

Week 0

19th Sept - 14th Oct

Accelerator Programme

31st Oct

Demo Day

Alumni Programme

After the accelerator, AWS and PUBLIC will continue to check in with accelerator alumni to help continue their progress in achieving their goals.
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