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May 11, 2022

GovTech in Focus: Top Tenders and Awards July - August

In a monthly series in partnership with Tussell we provides the GovTech community with the lowdown on the most valuable and exciting tenders issued by public-sector bodies.

Startups, we know that selling to the public sector is tough. In a monthly series, PUBLIC – in partnership with Tussell, the data provider on UK government contracts and spend – provides the GovTech community with the lowdown on the most valuable and exciting GovTech tenders issued by public-sector bodies every month – as well as the opportunities you might have missed.


The Scottish Government is extending its collaborative Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Internet of Things (IoT) notice. The DPS will remain open for new suppliers to apply to join for a further 18 months until 3 March 2023.



The Bank of England published a notice for a £7.2m framework titled the "Framework Agreement for Apprenticeship Delivery Services". They were looking for up to 5 suppliers to be on the framework to deliver services across 5 apprenticeship services across sectors ranging from artificial intelligence data science to financial banking and services.

There is another framework being established by Manchester City Council worth £3m to support their research and intelligence work, and accomplish some of their wider objectives. This opportunity was open to small and medium sized businesses specialising in open text coding, text analytics, economic intelligence and a myriad of research tools and techniques.

Additionally, the Centre for Process Innovation has issued a £1.5m notice regarding "High Throughput Robotic Platforms" covering the purchase of liquid handling robotic platforms including but not limited to servicing, preventative maintenance visits, breakdown cover, spare parts, etc.


The Avon Fire and Rescue Service awarded a £3m contract to Solarsense (UK) Ltd for the provision of turnkey low carbon technology and renewable energy generation projects across its estate. Potential projects include Solar Thermal Generation, Heating and Hot Water systems using Heat Pump Technology and other low carbon technologies as they emerge.The Ministry of Defence awarded a £2m contract to Adarga Limited to identify state of the art functionality that can enhance the intellectual agility of the Commander Field Army, to enable more effective exploitation of existing knowledge and to improve access to the most relevant information.


Each month, we’ve been looking at the contract awards relating to COVID-19, whether issued to directly respond to challenges around the virus, or side effects such as the shift to remote work and infrastructure needed to support this.

Over the last month, a further 13 contracts have been awarded with a total value of £11.2 million to solve problems and boost public sector resources to help councils, government departments and the NHS.

This indicates that while the spend on Govtech solutions to problems presented by the Covid-19 crisis has declined slightly, the public sector response is still ongoing.

In June, the Department of Health and Social Care awarded a £4.5m contract to Capgemini UK PLC for quality assurance and user testing of the NHS track and trace solution.

If you are a tech company that wants unparalleled insights into the key government opportunities and trends, get in touch with us about how we can help – you might be interested in applying to our GovStart programme! Using Tussell’s comprehensive database of UK public sector procurement and spend, you can get trends, analysis and live updates on the government’s procurement of technology. Essential for anyone looking to take a strategic approach to scaling up through public procurement.


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