December 16, 2021

May 11, 2022

PUBLIC’s Advancing Digital Health Series

Virtual panel launch on ‘Managing the digital health revolution’ | 10th February 2022

As 2021 comes to a close and we reflect on how this year has impacted the UK healthcare sector, one thing is clear: the NHS has proven its ability to move from isolated pockets of excellence in digital health to larger scale-ups of digital transformation. The digital maturity of the NHS locally around interoperability, the number of deeptech deployments and the digital literacy and skills of clinicians and teams as they have normalised working virtually have all improved dramatically. There have also been further funding and policy initiatives to push the use of technology and innovation in services forward in more areas this year from eye-care and dermatology to community digitisation, national APIs into GP records, and how 111 call centre workflows knit into urgent care. 

Finally, we have continued to see start-ups and the private sector support rapid development and iteration of products and services that support the digital revolution in the NHS, particularly in areas that have been impacted by the pandemic, such as clinical communications, telemedicine, and workforce management.

With clear innovation policy with the What Good Looks Like framework and Tech Vision documents published by NHSX, structural changes hanging over NHS E/I, X, Digital, emerging guidance on Interoperability, and HEE at the national level, a new secretary of state, no clear end-date on the pandemic and the proposed ICS transition alongside further changes to the commissioning and financial guidance - there are some clear risks and opportunities to how the NHS takes the digital revolution forward. 

As a tool to drive forward this digital revolution, PUBLIC is thrilled to announce the launch of our 2022 Advancing Digital Health Series - a unique series of interactive events designed to foster collaboration between healthcare leaders and tech innovators. Beginning in early February and culminating with The GovTech Summit 2022 in November - PUBLIC’s world-leading annual GovTech event - this series will strengthen and support the healthcare sector’s digital transformation through solution-building discussion and productive collaboration. The series will touch on a range of cross-cutting topics and service areas including: 

  • Leveraging the power of Cloud technologies for smarter digital healthcare
  • Digital tools for building a greener NHS
  • User-centred design in the context of urgent care settings
  • How to manage digital supplier effectively

The series will officially launch at 11am GMT on Thursday 10th February 2022 at our kick-off virtual panel session: ‘Managing the digital health revolution’. This panel will explore what ICS leaders can do today to effectively manage their digital transition and engage with the ‘What Good Looks Like’ framework. Simon Eccles (National CCIO and Deputy CEO, NHSX) will be joined by a group of ICS leaders and HealthTech innovators to explore their current challenges and develop practical solutions to address them. Following this discussion, a select group of leading HealthTech startups will pitch their solutions to the panel and virtual audience, providing an opportunity to showcase the potential of innovative technologies to accelerate the digital revolution in healthcare.

We would be delighted to have you join us at this launch event in February - please register your interest HERE and Adam from our Events Team will keep you updated with registration and agenda details. We very much look forward to seeing you there.

We are incredibly excited to be launching this kick-off panel session - and the wider Advancing Digital Health Series to play our part in supporting the NHS and digital health community to collaborate in the right way to transform patient care.


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