Why Europe Will Lead the GovTech Revolution

Across Europe, governments are slowly undergoing a dramatic technological transformation. From central government departments, to cities, to schools, to hospitals, to police forces, technology is profoundly changing the way that public services are being delivered and operated. At the forefront of this change is a new ecosystem of innovative technology startups and scaleups.  ‘GovTech’ refers […]


Five Remarkable Moments from the GovTech Summit 2018

The GovTech Summit 2019 is set to be just as vibrant and exciting – but before turning our attention to this November, here are five of the most remarkable moments from the inaugural GovTech Summit!


GovTech in Focus: Top tenders and awards, April-May

Startups, we know that selling to the public sector is tough. In a monthly series, PUBLIC – in partnership with Tussell, the data provider on UK government contracts and spend – provides the GovTech community with the lowdown on the most valuable and exciting GovTech tenders issued by public-sector bodies every month – as well […]

TechForce19: 18 solutions announced to support the vulnerable or isolating

NHSX and MHCLG have announced 18 digital solutions that have been awarded funding under the TechForce19 challenge. TechForce19 has awarded up to £25,000 each to innovation that offers a digital way to support vulnerable people who need to stay at home or need other help in the community for extended periods of time. The response […]

10 startups working to reduce humanity’s impact on the planet

Startups – with their technologies often conceived as a solution to a particular problem – are uniquely placed to provide answers to particular environmental issues. To mark Earth Day, we’ve taken a look at some key environmental pinch points and a few of the most promising tech solutions to each.


GovTech in Focus: Top tenders and awards, March-April

Startups, we know that selling to the public sector is tough. In a monthly series, PUBLIC – in partnership with Tussell, the data provider on UK government contracts and spend – provides the GovTech community with the lowdown on the most valuable and exciting GovTech tenders issued by public-sector bodies every month – as well […]


GovTech in Focus: Artificial Intelligence Special Report

In a special quarterly edition of GovTech in Focus, PUBLIC – in partnership with Tussell, the data provider on UK government contracts and spend – looks at public-sector spend on particular technologies, including value, trends and key contracts. In this edition, we investigate how the public-sector is buying and using artificial intelligence, and what this […]

Top 10 most useful Covid-19 reads

Keen to stay updated on how Covid-19 is impacting the GovTech space? We’ve gathered the best articles on how the UK’s tech industry is responding to the virus so you don’t have to.

How Global Tech is helping in the COVID-19 fight

At PUBLIC we have never been more certain of the value of technology in making a real difference to people’s lives – here are some of the ways countries across the globe are using tech to tackle Coronavirus.


GovTech in Focus: February’s top tenders and awards

Startups, we know that selling to the public sector is tough. In a monthly series, PUBLIC – in partnership with Tussell, the data provider on UK government contracts and spend – provides the GovTech community with the lowdown on the most valuable and exciting GovTech tenders issued by public-sector bodies every month – as well […]

How ‘Accessibility Tech’ will be a key trend for European startups, investors and cities in 2020

The rise of the smart city poses a new and difficult problem for governments: as more services move online, and the nature of those services becomes increasingly complex, they risk becoming inaccessible to large groups of the population. A diverse group of European startups are working to tackle this problem by developing solutions to make smart cities work for all inhabitants, regardless of their accessibility needs.


GovTech in Focus: January’s top tenders and awards

In the first of a new monthly series, PUBLIC – in partnership with Tussell, the data provider on UK government contracts and spend – provides the GovTech community with the lowdown on the most valuable and exciting GovTech tenders issued by public-sector bodies every month – as well as the opportunities you might have missed.  […]

Digitalising social care: An interview with Cera

Earlier this month, previous GovStart company Cera Care acquired Mears Care in a deal worth more than £30m. The acquisition will boost Cera’s employee numbers to 2,000, with 20 offices across the country and the ability to deliver more than 10,000 visits a day. We spoke to co-founder Dr Ben Maruthappu about how Cera has grown since leaving the GovStart programme and what their plans are for 2020!

Tech & trust: good news for GovTech in Edelman’s 2020 Trust Barometer

Last week, for the twentieth year in a row, PR giant Edelman launched its Trust Barometer. The annual survey assesses global public trust in the four institutions that are pillars of modern life: Government, Business, the Media, and Non-Governmental Organisations (third sector, etc.).

PUBLIC’s 2020 GovTech wish list

As we enter a new decade, here we take a look at some of our hopes for 2020 and asked the team at PUBLIC what is top of their wish list for GovTech this year.

Retour en images sur les moments clés du Sommet des GovTech

La deuxième édition du Sommet des GovTech s’est tenue à Paris il y a trois semaines. L’occasion de revenir sur les moments clés en image Le premier Adjoint à la Maire de Paris Emmanuel Grégoire nous a fait l’honneur d’ouvrir la 2ème édition du @SommetGovTech et d’accueillir les participants. Bienvenue à Paris ! Lancement de […]

Year in review: Five ways PUBLIC took GovTech to the next level in 2019

In 2019, GovTech hit the European mainstream: investors (public and private) finally started to throw their weight behind the concept that tech startups are the future of public services; digital transformation became the name of the game for a number of key players across the continent for whom the potential for innovation among private tech […]

PUBLIC 2019: Year In Review

2019 has been a huge year for PUBLIC. From launching the first ever pan-European GovTech program and taking on 14 new companies, to moving into PUBLIC Hall and doubling our team across four offices – here are some of our top achievements from this year. JANUARY GovStart company Patchwork is nominated for the 2019 HSJ […]

Novoville Survey: Bridging the gap between citizens and their city

Local authorities run the risk of letting down citizens that depend on them if they fail to respond to consumer appetites for digitisation of basic services. Earlier this year, citizen engagement startup (and GovStart 2018 participant) Novoville issued a survey, with the purpose of identifying citizens perceptions about the services their local government provides. Here we take a look at the results of the survey, and explore some of the key findings surrounding the digitalisation of local services.

GovTech en France : état des lieux et perspectives

“Partout en Europe, des femmes et des hommes créent des solutions technologiques pour la sphère publique. La France n’est pas en reste, au contraire. Tous les jours, dans des administrations, des start-ups, des entreprises et des associations, des innovateurs créent des services publics numériques et imaginent l’action publique de demain. Cette filière en pleine croissance, […]

Towards a Common European Digital Identity

Shifts in both the demand and supply of digital identity solutions are pushing governments to consider their role in the management of digital identities. With a greater need for frictionless digital public services, what role can European governments play in supporting innovative and universal digital identity solutions?

Five Ways to Network at The GovTech Summit

With just one week to go until the day of the Summit, here are five ways to make the most of the networking opportunities on offer, and how to connect with some of the most interesting people in the GovTech realm.

Munich’s Top 10 GovTech Startups

With a startup ecosystem valued at $4.5 billion, the capital of Bavaria is now becoming increasingly attractive for entrepreneurs wishing to improve people’s lives – from healthcare to smart city to ethical finance.

Zurich’s Top 10 GovTech Startups

Due to high levels of capital injection and attraction of great talent, Switzerland’s innovation ecosystem is booming at the moment, especially in the economic capital Zurich. Switzerland has recently been ranked as the most innovative country in the world according to the Global Innovation Index. Also, the Swiss economy is one of the wealthiest on […]

Manchester’s Top 10 GovTech Startups

With a long history of innovation and well known as the birthplace of the UK’s industrial revolution, now 250 years on Manchester is also making waves in the digital tech scene.

An Interview with Mush

Founders Katie Massie-Taylor and Sarah Hesz from Mush speak to us about their journey with Mush and how the GovStart 2019 program is helping them cement a valuable relationship with the NHS.

Interview with 2018 Pitch GovTech Winner – AID:Tech

At last year’s GovTech Summit, Niall Dennehy from AID:Tech pitched in front of investors, public servants and ministers and was crowned 2018 PitchGovTech winner. One year later, we spoke to Niall about his experience last year and the progress that his startup AID:Tech has made since.

Oslo’s Top 10 GovTech Startups

Home to a number of key investors and co-working spaces, it is no surprise that the Norwegian capital has a thriving startup ecosystem.

Top 5 GovTech Media Influencers

The GovTech sector is quickly gaining a number of media outlets following dynamic startups transforming government. Here is our pick for the Top 5 GovTech Media Influencers.

commande publique achat innovant

Achats innovants : mieux exploiter les règles de la commande publique

Stanislas est partner et associé au sein du cabinet Margerie Reine Cordier avec une expertise en droit public des affaires et mentor du programme GovStart France. Nous le remercions pour cette publication. Services publics dématérialisés, plateformes de participation locale, outils de diffusion d’alertes aux citoyens… Le secteur des GovTech multiplie les solutions innovantes à destination […]

Warsaw’s Top 10 GovTech Startups

With the Polish economy growing rapidly, it’s no surprise that its capital is developing into what will soon be a thriving GovTech ecosystem. Check out the 10 hottest polish GovTech startups.

The Five Most Innovative European Universities

Many European universities have now established schools and departments to specifically focus on digitisation and innovation in governance. Check out the top 5 most innovative universities in Europe.

Reykjavik’s Top 10 GovTech Startups

Traditionally famous for its gaming startups, Reykjavik is slowly but surely becoming home to a number of exciting and innovative GovTech startups. Keep an eye out for these ten tech startups and join us at the GovTech Summit!

Rome’s Top 10 GovTech Startups

The lively roman startup ecosystem features more than 1,000 startups, research universities and incubators, setting the right scene to foster a dynamic GovTech scene. Watch these ten tech startups and join us at the GovTech Summit!

An Interview with Bookb

Jibril and Abdikaliq from BookB talk to PUBLIC about why they started BookB and how their solution is going to benefit book readers and libraries.


It’s Time For Launch, is Government ready?

Last week PUBLIC released Time For Launch, our latest space report, in partnership with the Satellite Applications Catapult. Here we discuss more about the work we’ve done for the report and how governments can take advantage of the space and satellites opportunity.

Madrid’s Top 10 GovTech Startups

With an ambitious commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship from both central and local government, Paris is rapidly positioning itself as one of the world’s premier GovTech hubs.

Vilnius’s Top 10 GovTech Startups

Vilnius is quickly building a reputation for being the fast-growing innovation hub of the Baltic region and has immense potential to develop a vibrant GovTech scene.


Five Companies Transforming the Geospatial Sector

In light of our latest report, ‘Future Technologies Review’, here are a few of the best and brightest companies utilising geospatial technologies to shape multiple industries across the UK.

Reinventing the Journey to University

Chris Worsey, co-founder of Coursematch, speaks to PUBLIC about why he started Coursematch and how joining the GovStart 2019 cohort will help them on their journey to transform the university application process.

Government for the 21st century – Interview with Tony Blair

PUBLIC interviews Former PM Tony Blair about the opportunity for Europe to transform public services through technology and the upcoming GovTech Summit. Last month, you published a report on how to build a government fit for the 21st century. In the report, you laid out an ambitious and detailed plan for how the UK government […]

Shaping a digital Lithuania: the GovTech Lab launch

Virginijus Sinkevicius, Lithuania’s Minister for Economy and Innovation, writes a guest article for us on the launch of Lithuania’s GovTech Lab: an initiative to foster and support the GovTech ecosystem in Lithuania.

GovTech in Focus: DevTech

Mira Cole-Wijaya looks into the technology transforming development, from financial inclusion to education to connectivity.


G-Cloud: A ‘How-To’ Guide

PUBLIC’s Head of Platform Mark Lazar provides his top tips for completing a G-Cloud application stress-free.

GovTech in Focus: PropTech

In this GovTech in Focus, Chiara Carlini examines proptech, its growth and companies with the potential to transform the public sector property market. 

GovTech in Focus: SpaceTech

SpaceTech is a quickly growing area of GovTech, with far more applications than many realise. This week, Alp Kuleli is looking at SpaceTech in focus.

GovTech in Focus: Mental Health Tech

With more and more discussion surrounding mental health, we’re diving deeper into the tech looking to transform how we care for our mental health.

GovTech in Focus: EdTech

What is EdTech? Why is it important? We look at the key innovations in the EdTech space and what the government is looking for to transform education.


How to Build the UK’s First Smart Port

The Department for Transport has published its strategy for the future of the maritime sector – Maritime 2050. Here’s how to build the UK’s first smart port.

GovStart: Where We Are Now

Mark Lazar looks back on the GovTech market and how things have changed since we launched PUBLIC and GovStart One in 2017.

NHS Long Term Plan – PUBLIC Opinion

Matt Hancock, Health and Social Care Secretary, announced that the NHS will finally be axing the fax machine – here’s what PUBLIC think of the decision.

GovStart Year in Review

In 2018, PUBLIC supported 21 companies through GovStart. From closing funding rounds to game-changing pilots, here’s what our GovStart companies got up to.

Paris’s Top 10 GovTech Startups

With an ambitious commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship from both central and local government, Paris is rapidly positioning itself as one of the world’s premier GovTech hubs.

Vienna’s Top 10 GovTech Startups

Ambitious planning and a comprehensive, collaborative smart city strategy distinguishes Vienna as a trailblazer in GovTech innovation in Europe.

Berlin’s Top 10 GovTech Startups

With around 500 new tech startups founded each year, and a new government investment fund for high-growth tech companies, Berlin is likely to be the destination of the next generation of leading GovTech innovators.  

London’s Top 10 GovTech Startups

London combines the advantages of one of the strongest startup ecosystems in the world with the ambitions of a government that is supportive of enabling entrepreneurs to create an ecosystem of innovators transforming public services.

Tallinn’s Top 10 GovTech Startups

Not only does Tallinn boast the world’s most mature and sophisticated and e-government system, it is also home to an emerging ecosystem of startups aiming to transform key public services.

Milan’s Top 10 GovTech Startups

Despite relatively limited engagement between the startup ecosystem and Government compared with other European cities, Milan has a pipeline of companies capable of transforming the country’s public services.

Stockholm Top 10

Stockholm’s Top 10 GovTech Startups

Under the mayoral leadership of Karin Wanngård, Stockholm has been building its smart city credentials, and has the potential to be a powerful centre for GovTech.

Dublin’s Top 10 GovTech Startups

Dublin’s strong local accelerator and investor ecosystem has helped to establish the city as one of Europe’s central GovTech hubs: a position that could be strengthened further by the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Forward Health

Looking Forward: An Interview with Forward Health

Forward Health, a member of PUBLIC’s most recent GovStart cohort, has recently secured $3.9 million in seed funding. We spoke to Forward about how they got here, what they’re doing now, and what they hope to be doing in the future.

Amsterdam’s Top 10 GovTech Startups

With Europe’s fastest broadband speeds, startup visas for overseas entrepreneurs, and a strong funding ecosystem for new companies, Amsterdam has firmly established itself as one of Europe’s leading GovTech cities.

Lisbon’s Top 10 GovTech Startups

With a new blockchain-powered GovTech competition, and an increasing number of startup incubators, Lisbon has created a seeding ecosystem that is attracting entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas from across Europe to grow their businesses.

Athen’s Top 10 GovTech Startups

With the opening of new local innovation hubs, and the appointment of its first Chief Digital Officer in 2017, Athens is showing promise as a future GovTech leader.

Helsinki’s Top 10 GovTech Startups

Helsinki’s approach to integrating GovTech into the city can be best characterised by viewing the city as a testbed for experimentation for the world’s cities.

Copenhagen’s Top 10 GovTech Startups

Copenhagen’s burgeoning startup ecosystem, paired with Denmark’s markedly pro-SME policies, creates an ideal setting for GovTech entrepreneurs to thrive. The city has already had several successful startup initiatives.

Barcelona’s Top 10 GovTech Startups

In a new series, PUBLIC is profiling Europe’s leading GovTech cities, and showcasing the top startups that are transforming public services. Barcelona is a model for how effective digital strategies can power local innovation. With one of Europe’s strongest startup ecosystems, the city is taking steps to empower smaller tech companies to deliver key digital public services in markets traditionally dominated by large-scale corporate suppliers.

Are You A GovTech Entrepreneur?

Is your startup considered as a GovTech business, ready to work with the government and help public servants improve public services – from design to delivery? Take the quiz to find out!

Winners of the #UrbanChallenge announced!

PUBLIC has been working with Mayor Andy Street and the West Midlands Combined Authority for the past year on the UrbanChallenge. Find out more about the way UrbanTech is changing the public sector in the region.

G-Cloud 11: A Starter-Kit for Joining

PUBLIC’s Mira Cole-Wijaya shares a starter-kit for startups applying to join G-Cloud 11 – the government’s SME-friendly procurement framework.


How We Work With Startups

Mark Lazar, PUBLIC’s Head of Platform, surveys the growing accelerator landscape, explaining the role GovStart plays in opening up the public sector to startups.

Mapped: Testing What Counts

Andrew Babbage, Commercial Director of Applied, tells PUBLIC about Applied’s new platform Mapped which aims to test what counts fairly in recruitment processes.


From Public Servant to Startup Founder

PUBLIC’s Rachel Guthartz speaks to three tech startup founders who made the transition from the public sector, exploring what inspired them to make the move.


Diversifying the Pool of Digital Talent

PUBLIC’s Caroline Makepeace responds to Sadiq Khan’s Digital Diversity Scheme, underlining the need to create a diverse tech sector in conjunction with plugging the digital skills gap. 


Prototyping as a Strategic Capability

Audree Fletcher explains the virtues of prototyping: crucial advice for both budding tech startups and commissioning Government departments.


Four Tips for Communicating Your GovTech Idea

PUBLIC’s Programme and Marketing Manager Edd Elliott provides four quick tips on how to effectively communicate your GovTech startup to investors and the public sector. 

The Future of GovTech: Eyn

What is the future of ID verification? We talk to biometric ID startup Eyn, who have transferred the power of an airport scanner to you smart phone.

The Future of GovTech: Ask The Midwife

The Future of GovTech: Ask The Midwife

A health advice service for pregnant women with the potential to help 700,000 mothers-to-be in the UK every year – all delivered by a tech startup.

Why We Built Public

Public brings together experience from the public sector, technology and finance to help startups solve public problems.