COVID-Cast #3: How to innovate in a crisis - Iain O'Neil, NHSX


COVID-Cast is a new weekly podcast from PUBLIC exploring the international response to the Covid-19 crisis from the GovTech community. Listen on the PUBLIC website, on Spotify, or on Apple Podcasts.

In April 2019, the Department of Health and Social Care established NHSX - a joint unit with NHS Digital - to deliver drive forward the digital transformation of health and social care.

At the end of March 2020 - less than one year after it was founded - this new unit found itself responsible for finding innovative digital solutions in the middle of an unprecedented global health crisis.

The value of new technology in mitigating the health and social care challenges of COVID-19 was clear - not just to the NHSX team but to innovators, who began contacting the unit with offers of help.

In the latest episode of COVID-Cast, Edd speaks to Iain O'Neill, Director of Digital Transformation at NHSX about that organisation's response to COVID-19 - and how the organisation adapted to deliver innovative technology to the vulnerable, all while working to balance the inherent risks associated with new technologies with the need to move at pace.

Iain and Edd discuss the challenges with striking this balance, the difficulties of scaling potential solutions, and the role of the TechForce19 challenge - a collaboration between NHSX, the AHSN Network and PUBLIC - in helping to bring a degree of order to the tech world's incredible offers to help.

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Sep 20, 2021