COVID-Cast #4 - Bridging the Health Information Gap


COVID-Cast is a new weekly podcast from PUBLIC exploring the international response to the Covid-19 crisis from the GovTech community. Listen on the PUBLIC website, on Spotify, or on Apple Podcasts.The internet has created a society where many of us turn to search engines as our first port-of-call for questions about our health. This has created an ‘information paradox’ that makes getting the right information harder for us as patients, and makes it harder for medical professionals to give us the best advice.The spread of COVID-19, an array of diverging instructions on how to avoid danger to health, and the inevitable confusion arising from advice on how to shield from a virus that we are still in the process of trying to understand, have exacerbated this challenge.In episode 4 of COVID-Cast, Edd speaks to Tim Ringrose, CEO of Cognitant about the challenges of ensuring that individuals and medical professionals have access to clear and accurate information on their health needs.Tim tells Edd about Healthinote, the app launched by Cognitant shortly after the virus took hold that endeavours to provide this information – and the vital role for new technology in the future of UK Healthcare.Listen to the podcast below, and subscribe on Podbean, Spotify or Apple Podcasts now to be sure that you don’t miss next week’s episode. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Sep 20, 2021