GovStart 20/21 - Two months in


Two month into this year's programme, the GovStart train continues to chug along smoothly. The start of the year has brought many new opportunities for growth and development for the current GovStart cohort. The GovStart team thought to share a few updates from the beginning of this year including a Roundtable on the topic of "Exiting Businesses". Eyal Feder-Levy CEO of Zencity, one of the companies in this year's cohort sat on a PUBLIC TV webinar panel discussing the future of Digital Governance. Eyal and other experts in the GovTech field talked about their views on how Europe could work together to foster a GovTech ecosystem and what the continent’s tech startups need from the government.Furthermore, on January 26th GovStart hosted a virtual roundtable on the topic of “Exiting Businesses” to provide GovStart founders with insights and advice on how to plan and prepare for a future successful exit. The event was led by Robin Klein, General Partner at UK based venture firm Local Globe, and Lord Leigh of Hurley, Senior Partner at Cavendish Corporate Finance, a specialist advisor to owners of businesses seeking to sell.

“ I would encourage any company in our portfolio to have this conversation (regarding exiting) with us, a lot of founders are worried about having honest conversations as it might be a display of bad motivations, however for good VC’s the positives outweigh the negatives… Having this conversation is a very important step to having a strong company”

Robin Klein (Local Globe, General Partner)One takeaway from the discussions that followed was not to build your business to sell but at the same time to be open to communication about people who want to be let in so that you have the relationships with the buyers when that time comes.

“It is important to take the time to understand what your public sector client needs and how your solution works to solve issues for them. Building this into a cohesive engagement and messaging strategy is essential to get the right attention from key public sector stakeholders”

Syma Cullasy-Aldridge (PUBLIC, Director of External Affairs)In the first few months of the programme, we have worked with the companies to help get their narrative and messaging right, through sessions with mentors, Mike Tinmouth (Social Media and Marketing Expert), Syma Cullasy-Aldridge (Director of External Affairs at PUBLIC) , and Rihannon Evans-Young (Director and Founder of PR agency Crest Communications). These mentors have provided support to a number of the GovStart cohort on creating a PR strategy that is “UK Media Friendly”, help build brand recognition, and reach key stakeholders and investors.Odessa is PUBLIC’s GovStart Operations Intern, who provides company support with expansion in the public sector. GovStart is PUBLIC’s 6 month growth programme targeted at businesses with powerful applications within the public sector. Want to learn more about this year’s GovStart cohort? Sign up to our newsletter to get regular GovStart updates.


Sep 20, 2021