GovStart 2020/21 Halfway through the programme


Halfway through the GovStart programme and here is the third monthly update! This past month we have had two roundtables that have been exceptionally helpful to this year's GovStart Cohort and the Alumni from the programme. The first roundtable was led by Commissioner Hahn who is in charge of leading the modernisation and digitisation of the European Commission. The talk was attended by startups working with Governments across Europe to transform public services and focused on challenges and opportunities in EU procurement for new market entrants. Additionally, we discussed topics such as guidelines for standardisation of data and internet/wi-fi infrastructure across the EU. In the context of the ongoing consultation on the new European interoperability framework, that the Commission are looking for further input on. I am here to listen to the issues of people within Startups, as an advocate for tech within the commission during the COVID crisis I believe that this is important- Johannes Hahn (European Commissioner for Budget and Administration)Early on in March there was a second roundtable on fundraising led by the CEO of Zencity, Eyal Feder-Levy. Zencity is a SaaS company in the local governance space, who have managed to raise over $21m. During the session Eyal shared a bit about his experience fundraising for his company and provided tips on effectively pitching the GovTech opportunity and how to best position companies in conversations with investors.At the end of the day this is all about storytelling, we use data to make our story more reliable… My personal approach [when speaking to investors] is optimistic conservatism, you have to be optimistic because you are telling a story about how your company is going to be huge in a couple of years. But you also have to have strong justification and reasoning around every single number that you put in your deck. -Eyal Feder-Levy (Founder and CEO, Zencity)A common thread between both talks was optimism and making the most of the GovTech opportunity within these changing times. Through the GovStart programme, PUBLIC provides companies with as much support as they need to raise new capital. From tweaking your presentation and practicing your pitch, to offering insight and introductions to investors, the team at PUBLIC form a critical support team around our portfolio. It is very important to understand how to present your company in the most compelling way when speaking to investors and to have a razor-focused fundraising strategy in place when you go out to the market.”- Alexander De Carvalho (Chief Investment Officer, PUBLIC)Odessa is PUBLIC’s GovStart Operations Intern, who provides company support with expansion in the public sector. GovStart is PUBLIC’s 6 month growth programme targeted at businesses with powerful applications within the public sector. Want to learn more about this year’s GovStart cohort? Sign up to our newsletter to get regular GovStart updates.


Odessa Ilmaneitsi Dior

Sep 20, 2021