GovStart Germany 2020: 5 companies selected to drive forward digital government


When I wrote my blogpost about the German GovTech ecosystem last year, shortly after joining PUBLIC to build up the German GovStart program, I could have never imagined what a rollercoaster ride this year would be. As my great colleague Mark Lazar has written in his latest blogpost on GovStart 2020 – we did things a bit differently this year. Looking back on our 2019 cohort, we saw that GovStart offered an excellent platform to cope with the crisis. The majority of the startups we supported did very well in an uneasy economical environment. We also see some positive impacts that the upcoming GovTech scene created, with more interest from authorities and more strategic change in how the government is working together with startups.Therefore, I am thrilled to announce the GovStart Germany 2020 cohort today! Due to recent shifts and learnings from the past, this year we’ve focused on data-driven startups, supporting the government in building up capabilities to evolve out of this crisis. I would also like to thank Oracle for Startups for being such a brilliant partner and supporter for GovStart Germany.With remote working on the rise in the public sector in Germany, we are delighted to announce that Element, part of the 2019 French GovStart programme, will join this year’s cohort to build upon the great successes of the past year in the German market.

Aleph Alpha

Aleph Alpha is a Heidelberg start-up that develops strong AI (AGI) technology made in Europe and makes it available to customers and partners in security-critical environments. Founded by ex Apple-developer and serial entrepreneur Jonas Andrulis and with extensive experience in innovation, Aleph Alpha is setting the pace for the machine learning models of tomorrow.


GovMind develops an insights service that systematically captures and structures information on GovTech solutions and their providers. The solutions are then mapped according to the functioning of public administrations. GovMind’s goal is to make the GovTech ecosystem transparent and accessible for all administrations..


Along with the benefits of new mobility solutions, cities face growing challenges as they integrate fast-developing modes of transportation. Vianova is the leading mobility data platform for managing connected and shared mobility in the urban public realm. The platform provides city administrations with a control centre that allows real-time management of shared vehicles. Ten European cities already use the technology, including Brussels, Zurich and Stockholm. Vianova closed a €1.8 million financing round last week.


Element is a digital sovereign messenger and collaboration platform used by governments and public sector organisations worldwide. Element is decentralised to enable self-hosting, uses the open Matrix network for easy collaboration across federated organisations and ensures privacy through end-to-end encryption.


Every day, employees have to use inefficient and clunky software to get their work done. This kills productivity and motivation. Matterway’s unique Task Acceleration Platform eliminates digital friction, without complex process or IT changes. This increases productivity by 3-5x, reduces employee frustration, and accelerates work at scale.


Sep 20, 2021