In a monthly series in partnership with Tussell we provide the GovTech community with the lowdown on the most valuable and exciting tenders issued by public-sector bodies.

Startups, we know that selling to the public sector is tough. In a monthly series, PUBLIC – in partnership with Tussell, the data provider on UK government contracts and spend – provides the GovTech community with the lowdown on the most valuable and exciting GovTech tenders issued by public-sector bodies every month – as well as the opportunities you might have missed.

Contract Notices

The most significant contract notice published this month is undoubtedly the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) contract for the Go Neutral Smart Energy Framework aiming to decarbonise the region. Our blog post from September of this year outlined the details of this programme outlined in the PIN, but in case you missed that post we will summarise again here. The Go Neutral programme will seek to achieve carbon reduction through the implementation of smart energy technologies on public sector owned assets. The programme aims to deliver a wide range of smart energy technologies both within the current grid infrastructure and as standalone systems including integrated solar PV and battery storage, solar carports, EV charging hubs, and grid-connected wind turbines in order to “create greener, healthier, and more affordable lifestyles”. With bids now being accepted for this £300m contract, this incredible opportunity for startups in the green energy space to deliver a diverse range of products and services is ripe for engagement. This is a 3-year contract beginning on the 31st January 2022 and bids will be accepted until 29th November - we expect this contract to attract substantial interest and will certainly be looking out for any awards in the coming months.

Additionally, The Science Museum Group has published a £500m contract notice for the commissioning of a virtual experience theme around the Flying Scotsman. This represents a unique and interesting opportunity to build a public-facing digital product which is set to be showcased on national tour in 2023 celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the Flying Scotsman Locomotive. The immersive digital experience will then “live on as a permanent commercial offer in the National Railway Museum the following year”. This represents a fairly high-profile opportunity for startups to connect with the public and showcase their technological capabilities on the national stage. 

Opportunities you may have missed

The largest contract award published last month was for an £80m contract from the Sunderland City Council to BAI Communications Europe Limited to design, build and operate a 5G network across Sunderland City. This contract was awarded back in September and with a term of 20 years, we are certainly keen to watch how the project develops.

The Northern Ireland Department for Infrastructure also awarded a contract back in late September (with the award being published this month) to Siemens Public Limited Company. The £23.4m contract will see Siemens supplying, installing and commissioning a range of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) equipment across Northern Ireland. 


Within the ever-developing ‘COVID Tech’ space, the most exciting development comes in the form of a £56.5m contract awarded from NHS Digital to Deloitte to design, build and live service a ‘Digital Test Platform, ordering portals and mobile application to support COVID-19 National Test Service.

Additionally, NHS South, Central and West CSU awarded an £18.5m contract to System C Healthcare Limited to provide licensing, support and maintenance services for the National Immunisation Management System until September 2022.

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Adam Sticca
Events Intern

Nov 18, 2021