Sam Gyimah Talk: Innovating in a Crisis


This week we were joined by Sam Gyimah a former Science and Innovation Minister for the British Government with a number of high profile roles held previously in the Ministry of Justice and Department of Education. With a background in finance and entrepreneurship, Sam is now exploring how new technologies and access to new forms of capital can unlock major social changes.

Tune-in to this PUBLIC Hall webinar to hear from Sam on:

  • His views around how Covid-19 will change the landscape of the education and universities space, and where we expect to see long-term trends heading.
  • What the future of universities might look like, and how the government can support the UK’s transition to digitally-enabled universities.
  • The opportunities and challenges posed by Covid-19, and how the government can work with startups, investors and the private sector to build more sustainable and balanced societies.
  • The power of new forms of capital for solving major social challenges, including redressing racial, gender or intersectional inequalities.


Sep 20, 2021