Supporting the growth of GovTech ecosystems across Europe


During the pandemic we have been working with governments across Europe to support their digital transformations in an age of remote working, and to help them work more effectively with the innovative startups and scaleups that can deliver change. In 2021, we have partnered with governments and public authorities in the Netherlands and in Belgium to measure their GovTech opportunity, and to advise them on how to effectively realise this vision. PUBLIC is increasingly working across Europe to support the growth of GovTech ecosystems. Moving forward we are excited to be taking a more international approach to GovTech, building on the extensive experience of our UK and Germany teams. PUBLIC's work in Denmark and other Nordic Countries will now fall under the remit of these teams.We’re excited to share some of the findings from these engagements, and how we’re continuing to work with our clients to support them on their GovTech journeys. NETHERLANDS Earlier this year, PUBLIC partnered with the Ministry of the Interior and the City of the Hague to conduct a discovery project assessing the maturity of the Dutch GovTech ecosystem. In the course of this engagement we conducted interviews and workshops with 67 different GovTech stakeholders, ran a survey of 91 GovTech startups, and performed detailed contract and investment data analysis. The findings of this research were presented to the Dutch government in a 100 page report. We found that:

  • The Netherlands has a thriving GovTech ecosystem - we identified 412 GovTech startups supported by 79 GovTech-related programmes.
  • The total addressable market (TAM) for GovTech solutions in the Netherlands is €4.3b.
  • Presently, the country’s two flagship GovTech programmes have a budget of €24.2m annually - a fraction of the full market opportunity.

On the basis of these findings, the Ministry of the Interior is now introducing a GovTech TaskForce to oversee the introduction of new projects, and the City of the Hague is developing a Policy Campus to scale innovation projects within government. Over the course of this project, we have developed a close relationship with our clients and have recently launched a newsletter to maintain our presence in the Dutch innovation ecosystem, as we look for future opportunities to support the GovTech sector. Click here to view our Dutch GovTech ReportFollow this link to subscribe to our Dutch GovTech NewsletterBELGIUMIn 2021 PUBLIC has also been working with the Brussels Regional Government to conduct a discovery project assessing the case for a challenge-based programme to support the growth of GovTech companies in the Brussels region. Through interviews with 25 GovTech leaders, a survey of 60 government officials, and analysis of more than 300 public sector contracts we found that:

  • Government officials in the Brussels region are excited by the prospect of innovation, yet 80% feel they lack the resources to test and prototype new ideas.
  • Considerable early stage funding is available for GovTech startups in Brussels - 58% of startups have raised capital of some sort.
  • Brussels has not yet taken advantage of its unique proximity to European Union institutions, with just 38% of innovation programmes having any EU component.

PUBLIC is now supporting the government of the Brussels Capital Region to design and scale this challenge-based programme to help innovative startups to effectively sell into the public sector market. Our work in the Netherlands and in Belgium has made clearer than ever the opportunity for public sector technology innovation beyond the UK. As we embark on the next stage of our international expansion, we can’t wait to see which countries will be the next to seize the GovTech opportunity.For the latest updates on PUBLIC’s GovTech mission across Europe subscribe to our International Newsletter and follow @PUBLIC_Team&@PUBLIC_Germany or reach out to us at


Sep 20, 2021