The GovTech Summit 2020: From Crisis to Recovery


The annual GovTech Summit is back this year for its third edition, entitled ‘From Crisis to Recovery’. As the title suggests, this year's focus will be on rethinking how governments can operate and thrive in the new post-COVID-19 world. In this article we delve into some of the topics that will be discussed at the Summit, and how startups can apply to the Pitch Competition. The GovTech Summit 2020 will take place virtually on 29th September. The programme at this year’s virtual Summit will combine a unique combination of senior public sector leaders and cutting edge entrepreneurs. This dynamic blend is perfect for exploring the future of public services, and how technology will change the way in which governments operate. With a focus on re-thinking how governments work in a post Covid-19 world, topics and panels will include:Transforming Government: How will COVID change the way we use technology to govern?COVID-19 has created new challenges for governments around the world, with the need to design new solutions, services and processes to meet crisis situations. Governments have needed to find ways of tracking disease transmission at scale, fulfilling and deploying equipment requirements, and distributing new welfare payments at scale. This panel digs into how decision-making teams at the heart of government have transformed as a result of COVID, and how access to up-to-date, reliable data has become more critical than ever.Healthtech: Has the pandemic accelerated the adoption of health tech?From tracking the spread of the virus, to symptom checking, to clinical testing, technology has played a critical role in tackling healthcare challenges triggered by COVID-19. Broadly, the pandemic has had an unparalleled impact on the HealthTech sector, with a marked acceleration in the adoption of technology across European health systems. This panel explores what role technology will play in the future of health and social care beyond Covid-19, and determine how companies and governments can work together to deliver more innovative and patient-centric services. ​Living with COVID: How can technology help us to adapt our cities to make them safe and sustainable?The future of cities looks uncertain, with a renewed focus on how communities can operate safely and sustainably within urban spaces. Technology will play a central role in shaping resilient future cities, including real-time population and movement data, smarter local services, and a transformed approach to urban mobility. This panel explores what role technology will play in our cities, and how to build national and international partnerships between local places.​Track and Trace: What impact has COVID had on attitudes to surveillance technology?There has been a discrepancy in the responses of different countries' and cities' responses to containing the virus, with some using techniques such as frequent police visits, national track and trace programmes, and monitoring of quarantined residents to control the virus. Some responses have raised questions over privacy and excessive surveillance, and critics say that success with these measures can come at the expense of citizens' privacy and rights: especially in light of broader concerns about the application of surveillance technology. This panel explores how to sustainably implement monitoring measures, and how to ensure citizen buy-in.The Future of Work: Is remote working the new normal? What does this mean for government?Since March, thousands of licenses for video conferencing software, communications platforms, project management and virtual office tools have been bought by governments around the world. For the first time, governments have had to work remotely, and adopt new technology platforms to be able to do it. With the 'future of work' an established startup ecosystem in its own right, this panel explores how governments can keep up with the best technology platforms in the private sector, and whether this recent transition to remote work will drive a long-term cultural change.PitchGovTechThe day’s agenda will also include a startup Pitch Competition, giving innovators a chance to pitch their ideas and demonstrate their progress to experts in the ecosystem. We are looking for great technologies, powered by startups, that have been helping government departments around the world during the pandemic. Selected companies will get a chance to present their solution together with their government partner in front of an international audience of policy makers and investors. Stay tuned for applications opening this week!Register: To register for your complimentary pass to this year’s Summit follow this link.Partner with us:Want to position your company in front of the GovTech community? The GovTech Summit 2020 will provide you with the perfect platform to showcase your company to a dedicated audience of senior personnel working in areas such as policy, innovation, digital transformation, technology and more. Follow this link to register your interest in partnering with us.Speak: Have you played a significant role, shaping policy in the COVID-19 crisis? Do you have insights into the work place of the future, taking the learnings of recent months to help shape the working world of tomorrow? If you have thoughts and ideas you'd like to share please get in touch using the link.Want to be part of the GovTech community? Sign up to PUBLIC’s newsletter here.


Sep 20, 2021