Time For Launch



The decreasing size of satellites and costs of orbital launch is catalysing the advent of the ‘new space’ industry. As a result, innovative space and satellite technologies have the potential to revolutionise the provision of public services. From policing and emergency services, to health care, energy, transport, and the environment, space solutions offer efficiency gains across the public sector. This report:

  • Surveys innovative new products and services using space and satellite technologies in each of the aforementioned public sector verticals.
  • Presents case studies of UK startups dramatically changing the industry, and examples of novel policy steps taken by other leading space nations.
  • Outlines real and perceived challenges in the adoption of space and satellite solutions by central government and local authorities.
  • Identifies the barriers to entry for startups in providing space and satellite service to government, based on interviews with 50 space startups.
  • Makes recommendations for how government can build the new space ecosystem, procure space services, promote space across government, and effectively share satellite data across authorities.

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Sep 20, 2021