Building a gateway between the elderly and the digital world: An Interview with Nepos

Imogen Granger

27 January 2020

We interviewed Alexandra Böhmer, CEO of GovStart 2019 company Nepos, to hear about their experience as part of the German cohort and how their solution helps digitalise the older generation.

What is Nepos and why did you embark on this venture?

We believe that every generation deserves to benefit from advancing technologies. Therefore, we have embarked on a quest of optimising, transforming and curating the technological revolution for the generation 65+. Our passion for technology and respect for the older generation is what drives us to build the gateway between the elderly and the digital world. We developed the world’s first universal user interface and are optimising all current and future technologies for the 65+ generation.

How does your solution help elderly people?

Our user interface is suitable for any application or service and covers all areas of everyday life. Elderly people can independently use obligatory services and existing online offers from which they are currently still excluded. Networking in the neighbourhood, staying in touch with loved ones by email, remaining active – physically and mentally, all this prevents loneliness, isolation and further diseases. We enable the generation 65+ to remain a part of society and to actively participate in social interaction. 

Your journey with PUBLIC

Administrations, public offices and local communities are digitising their services. To enable everyone – including the elderly – in our society to participate in the digital world, PUBLIC introduced us to various municipals and supported us to secure a pilot project. They actively support us to define the use cases for the public sector. 

What was the highlight of 2019 for Nepos?

In 2019 we reached some great milestones, which we are very proud of. In the second half of the year I joined the founder of Nepos Paul as CEO, and manage the strategic direction of the company, the leadership of the team and the acquisition of further cooperation partners. Furthermore we integrated our first partners, including Klassik Radio, YouTube, Berliner Zeitung, and are glad to offer their services to our users. Our greatest highlight was the market entry with our platform in November.

Looking forward, what are the next steps for Nepos?

We are very much looking forward to integrate new features and partners step by step into our platform. These will include adding video call and messaging services to the already existing features in communication and adding new categories such as online banking and online shopping. In addition, we are planning a new fundraising round and are expanding our team with new talents.

Interested in what Nepos does? Visit their website here.

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