January 6, 2022

January 6, 2022

Eva Health Technologies

Unlocking the power of health data interoperability with a modern architected Electronic Health Record designed for the NHS


Primary care health information should be the single source of truth about a patient, and can follow the patient through their health journey. However, this vision is held back by technical debt along with a complex web of dependencies governed by the day-to-day realities of the NHS. Additionally, GPs express uniform dissatisfaction with their user experience working with their Electronic Health Records. Credible solutions needed to recognise the reality that heavy NHS Digital engagement would be required.


In April 2020, PUBLIC acquired Microtest, a supplier of Electronic Health Records to the NHS England Primary Care market. Utilising its expertise in assurance and position in the GP IT Futures framework, PUBLIC brought it an expert management and technology team, leading to the creation of the first fully cloud-based primary care EHR solution for the NHS primary care market. Microtest was rebranded to Eva Health Technologies.


Eva has launched eVacc, it’s vaccination module. It has been deployed to 52 vaccination sites across England, recording both COVID and flu jabs. The cloud based design of the solution along with improved UX meant that clinicians were spending less time recording vaccination data and more time administering, improving overall vaccination rates. Eva aims to bring the same objective of better UX and interoperability on modern infrastructure to a number of other use cases.


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Ryan Shea

Managing Director

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