Hacking policy challenges with gamification

November 30, 2021

PUBLIC - in partnership with Play Consulting - is excited to announce a new report on gamification in the public sector. To bring this research to life we are hosting a hackathon centred on using game mechanics to drive policy outcomes.

Our report shows how effective gamification can be in driving individual behaviour to meet policy goals. Gamification focusses on achieving behavioural change using mechanisms such as real-time feedback loops, competitive and social dynamics, and by satisfying the individual's need for accomplishment and progression.

The hackathon will be centred around four policy challenges in the areas of healthcare, sustainability, education and citizen engagement. Stay tuned for more detailed updates on the policy challenges.

The winning team at the hackathon will win themselves a workshop with PUBLIC and Play Consulting on how to apply gamification techniques to their specific organisational challenges.

If you are interested in finding out more about this event, please email Gabe Furey at