In the last year, councils have faced a number of complex challenges caused by the pandemic and its many repercussions on local services, which have accelerated a process of deep digital transformation. Councils are now innovating at a rate which was previously unimaginable and are now in an extremely strong position to build back better. So how can they leverage their newfound capabilities to lead the recovery?

PUBLIC is holding a virtual event for local council leaders and senior officials to discuss the future of local services and hear more about secure, tested and user-led technologies that can help them deal with the complex transformation accelerated by the pandemic, and set the foundations for better, more inclusive and future proofed public services.

The event will start with a keynote from Lawrence Hopper, Deputy Director of Digital Policy at the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government. This will be followed by a series of short case studies from providers powering new technologies to support local councils. Finally, attendees will be able to join group discussions through dedicated break out rooms, around the following topics:

– How might we engage our residents in our recovery and resource allocation efforts? Led by Eyal Feder, CEO of Zencity

– How might we streamline infrastructure planning between local authorities and infrastructure providers to deliver sustainable housing growth? Led by Jacob Tong, Planning Policy Lead at Coplug

– How might we improve our councils by decisions based on better data? Led by Faruk Tuncer, CEO of Polyteia

– How might we make the most of the analogue to digital switchover by making a proactive and predictive approach to care the norm? Led by Alex Nash, CEO Alcuris

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