Former UK CMO Dame Sally Davies and RSPH Vice-chair Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard join PUBLIC to discuss what next for Healthcare in the UK

About this Event

Former UK Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies and Vice President of the Royal Society for Public Health Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard join PUBLIC to consider the future of healthcare in the UK in the latest edition of PUBLIC TV.

Sally Davies and Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard published their exploration of the UK Health system back in November 2020, in which they argued that – “through collectively valuing health – civil society and the private sector – we can radically change the wider health environment which will pay off for all.”

In the latest PUBLIC TV, we speak to them to explore where things have gone wrong, and what steps need to be taken to build a health system that builds on the original principles of the NHS.


About Dame Sally Davies:

Dame Sally Davies is the Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. Before this, she was Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for England and Chief Medical Adviser to the UK government from May 2010 to September 2019. She was a member of the World Health Organization (WHO) Executive Board 2014-2016 and has led delegations to a range of WHO summits and forums since 2004. Dame Sally advocates globally on AMR: for three years, Dame Sally was the chair of the WHO Strategic and Technical Advisory Group on AMR and later co-convener of the UN Inter-Agency Co-ordination Group on AMR, set up in response to the AMR declaration made at UNGA 2016. Now, Dame Sally sits on the UN Global Leaders Group for AMR. In May 2020, she set up The Trinity Challenge, which she chairs.


About Dr Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard, FRSPH

Dr Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard, FRSPH is a Public Health Physician and Epidemiologist at Imperial College London, Head of Health Analytics at Lane Clark & Peacock and Vice Chair of the Royal Society for Public Health.

Jonny was Editor-in-Chief of the Chief Medical Officer’s 2018 Report ‘Health 2040; Better Health Within Reach’ which recommended the development of a composite Health Index. This was published by the ONS in 2020 and Jonny remains on the advisory group and closely involved. His book, co-authored with Dame Sally Davies’ – Whose health is it, anyway? – builds on the links between health and wealth that led to the index recommendation and repositions health as our most untapped opportunity for prosperity and happiness in the 21st century.

Jonny trained at Oxford and Imperial College and has been awarded multiple competitive clinical-academic research positions from the NIHR and the Wellcome Trust. His research has two main streams spanning non-communicable disease epidemiology. First, using big data and simulation modelling of health, economic and inequality outcomes to inform public health policy. Second, he investigates the increasing multimorbidity and diversification of outcomes in patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes. His work at LCP focuses on cutting through the noise of complex datasets to put actionable insights into the hands of decision makers across health and life sciences.

Jonny is on several advisory boards and speaks regularly on a range of topics across health.