Tech For Our Planet: Digital Solutions for Effective Energy Transition

November 11, 2021
10-11am GMT

As part of our Tech For Our Planet programme, taking place during COP26, PUBLIC is hosting a roundtable on energy transition on 11th November at 10-11am in Glasgow. Successful energy transition rests on adopting innovative new technologies, and the growth of young companies seeking to bring innovation to market. Innovative solutions from startups are a key part of the transition to a more resilient supply, smarter and flexible grid, tailored consumer tariffs, and more efficient energy consumption. During this roundtable, policymakers, experts and innovators will convene to discuss how to drive forward energy transition to ensure our energy systems are resilient, but also sustainable. 

The roundtable will take place during COP26 at 10-11am GMT on 11th November, in Glasgow.

This session is a closed roundtable. If you are interested in attending, please email Adam Sticca at