What can Integrated Care Systems learn from HealthTech start-ups?

November 30, 2021

The UK HealthTech marketplace has grown exponentially over the last decade. During this time, PUBLIC has supported HealthTech start-ups to build innovative approaches to contend with the challenges of delivering digital transformation in the health and social care sector. These include building products and services that can assure interoperability; navigating lengthy procurement processes, competing against incumbents without open APIs; and ensuring that products and services designed meet the end user needs as well as national guidelines.

Sound familiar? As the emphasis shifts to ICSs to locally determine the best way to develop digital and data capabilities in line with the What Good Looks Like guidelines, Systems will face similar challenges as HealthTech start-ups. This virtual roundtable will bring together digital leaders across HealthTech start-ups, NHSX, and ICSs to untangle what ICSs can learn from HealthTech start-ups about digital transformation.

If you are interested in attending our Gala Reception, please email Gabe Furey at