GovStart: Trailblazing the European GovTech ecosystem

Daniel Korski and Alexander de Carvalho

07 August 2019

PUBLIC’s founders Daniel Korski and Alexander de Carvalho on launching the GovStart 2019 cohort across the UK, France, and Germany.

Today PUBLIC launches the third round of GovStart – our trailblazing accelerator focused on startups that want to transform public services. And this year we are excited to kick-off GovStart not only in London but in Berlin and Paris too, helping great GovTech startups in Germany and France scale and transform public services. 

Our new European programmes mark an important moment for PUBLIC. We have always seen PUBLIC as a European – indeed global – business. Regardless of whether – and how – Britain leaves the European Union, we think that, innovators across the continent can benefit from working together and seizing opportunities in different European markets. 

With the GovStart accelerator programme now operating in the three largest European markets we aim to help British companies scale into Germany, German companies succeed in France and French companies grow in the UK.

PUBLIC launch GovStart 2019 at No.10

We want great GovTech startups in the UK to see France or Germany as an important second market; and we want public servants in the UK to be able to see what the brightest innovators from across the European continent are building to transform public services for the better. 

In short, we aim to create a European GovTech ecosystem. We saw the desire for such a continent-wide ecosystem with the GovTech Summit last year – which attracted more than 3000 innovators, investors, politicians and officials to Paris – and we look forward to gathering  everyone once again for the GovTechSummit 2019 in Paris this November

The new pan-European GovStart cohort shows just what is to gain – what citizens can gain – if innovators are given a chance to improve public services. From Germany, Polyteia is helping public bodies manage their data more effectively; from France, Cap Collective is helping citizens and local governments interact and discuss policy; and in the UK, Cyan Forensics is helping law enforcement track and eliminate dangerous content on and off-line. These are just a handful of the fantastic companies joining GovStart this year – view the whole cohort here to see the breadth that innovators can offer public services.

Over the course of the six month GovStart programme. PUBLIC will support companies with a variety of challenges, from understanding and navigating public institutions to raising investment; from scaling across verticals to engaging in large procurements. Every company that joins GovStart receives a tailored programme helping them reach the goals that are needed for the next step of their business. 

This next cohort of GovStart companies are the trailblazers of the European GovTech community, and we look forward to supporting them to improve public services – for everyone’s benefit.

Daniel & Alex, Founders of PUBLIC

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