GovStart: Where We Are Now

Mark Lazar

06 February 2019

Mark Lazar looks back on the GovTech market and how things have changed 
since we started GovStart One in 2017.

Two years ago, we launched PUBLIC and the GovStart accelerator programme.

At that time, we had to convince a lot of people of the merits of GovTech – convince public officials about the potential of new technologies, convince startups that government is a viable market with real commercial opportunities, and convince investors that startups wouldn’t die in the government sales cycle.

The GovTech Summit 2018

Two years on, the atmosphere has definitely changed. In November, we hosted the first ever GovTech Summit in Paris, bringing together 3000 people to have a conversation about how new technologies can transform the public sector. One attendee commented that “no one is having the debate about whether GovTech should be a thing – everyone is debating the best way to make the most out of the opportunity.

There are many that are still unconvinced, and we will continue to make the case for GovTech, but it’s safe to say that more & more people are paying attention – and GovTech has gotten bigger.

This year, GovStart is also getting bigger. Building off the back of our success in the UK, and the GovTech Summit, we are launching GovStart France, with two more locations getting announced in next few weeks. Stay tuned.

In the last two years, we have worked with companies with one person, companies with fifty people and everything in between. We have also worked with companies engaging across the public sector: from central government, to local authorities, to the health services.

Every company that joins GovStart needs different things. We work by setting core goals with every founding team about what we want to achieve, and building a programme of support around each of these goals. Therefore – although we operate in a cohort – each company engages with GovStart in different ways, whether it be building networks with key decision makers in the public sector, bidding for tenders, developing products to a government level spec, fundraising, or all of the above and more.

Whether you are a new entrepreneur with an idea and a big public vision, or a startup with private sector traction exploring a new market, or an established company looking to harness PUBLIC’s new European offices for international scale  – we want to talk to you. Sign up here for a short call with our team to discuss whether GovStart could be for you.

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