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We teach public servants how to become instinctively innovative, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and tools to grasp the opportunities of the digital age

Grounded in the context, challenges and needs of the public sector, our courses provide participants - from junior public servants to senior officials and politicians - a high impact education in how to operate confidently with new technologies to grasp the opportunities of the digital age and deliver better outcomes for citizens, communities, and businesses.

We launched Public School of Technology in 2021 to equip public servants with the skills, knowledge and tools to grasp the opportunities of the digital age.

Public School of Technology is designed to offer radically different, highly stimulating learning experiences, drawing from our ecosystem of digital innovators, entrepreneurs and investors.

The Fellowship inducts Royal Navy and Royal Air Force personnel into the tech ecosystem, seconding them into civilian-led start-ups for two to three days a week, alongside a taught curriculum covering the emerging technology landscape and fundamentals of building a business in the rest of the week.

The Percy Hobart Fellowship aims to drive a culture of innovation in Defence – teaching specialist Royal Navy and Royal Air Force personnel.

In order to identify the needs of today’s military and secure the most effective technologies and tools to meet these needs.

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