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PUBLIC runs Challenge Programmes to help solve public problems using innovative digital technology.

What is a challenge programme?

A challenge programme is “a public competition to help solve public problems using innovative digital technology.”
More specifically, a challenge programme is a process through which an organisation:

1. Identifies

problems it believes external organisations are able to provide original solutions for.

2. Runs

an effective competition to assess the most suitable solutions, based on technical feasibility and expected impact

3. Provides

funding and/or piloting opportunities that allow the best solutions to be tested

4. Defines

a clear path for scaling the successful solutions

Why challenge programmes?

Assess cutting edge technologies

Test solutions in a safe environment

Scale the best

Promote new working cultures


Wide view of
the market

Who we've worked with

Prison Leavers Innovation Challenge

A challenge programme to develop and test novel solutions that can support prison leavers as they re-enter society, and contribute to breaking the cycle of reoffending.

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National health technology and data body NHSX partnered with PUBLIC to find and trial technology to help UK health & care bodies during COVID-19.

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GovTech Program Denmark

The GovTech-Program Denmark was established to foster even stronger collaboration between public authorities and tech companies with innovative solutions to public sector challenges.

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