Last November, more than 1,500 startup founders, investors and public officials joined us at Paris City Hall to rethink government through technology.

The largest GovTech event in Europe was a chance to connect – a chance for entrepreneurs to connect with investors and buyers; a chance for public servants to connect with Europe’s leading policy-makers and innovators; and a chance for investors and technology providers to meet the future of this exciting industry.

The GovTech Summit 2019 is set to be just as vibrant and exciting – tickets for the event are available here. But before turning our attention to this November, here are five of the most remarkable moments from the inaugural GovTech Summit! 

Justin Trudeau spoke about the impact of social media on politics

“Is social media going to replace regular campaigning? Is technology going to displace the other types of politicking? Technology, social media and mobile apps do not displace anything in terms of the real conversations you have to have with citizens about where we are going as a society. They provide another way of communicating, more avenues for reaching out. But, uou have to continue to ensure that, in politics, you are actually connecting with people physically.” – Justin Trudeau, PM for Canada

Click here to watch the full conversation between Daniel Korski and Justin Trudeau.

GovTech Polska and Scotland’s CivTech signed a letter of intent

On the 12 November 2018, the first international GovTech agreement was signed at the Polish Embassy in Paris. The GovTech Summit speakers Justyna Orłowska, director of GovTech Polska and Alexander Hult, Head CivTech® created a knowledge-sharing partnership, to assist in a digital revolution in public administration.

Aid:Tech won the PitchGovTech competition

Over 600 startups joined us at the GovTech Summit in 2018, including 15 leading startups who took part in the PitchGovTech competition. The Irish startup AID:Tech, delivering digital aid payments via blockchain and secure digital identity, won the Top Startup award. The Norwegian TikkTalk and the Spanish Unblur were the runners up.  

PUBLIC launched its European 150 Report

GovTech is a European ecosystem – and the launch of the Europe 150 report proved it. This corner-stone research piece, published by PUBLIC, featured ten startups from the top 15 GovTech cities in Europe – including London, Paris, Berlin and more. The report also featured a map of Europe’s leading GovTech influencers, including ministers, public sector officials, startup founders, and entrepreneurs.

Read the full report here.


Tech investors discussed the outlook for the GovTech venture market

The GovTech Summit 2018 was the largest collection of GovTech VC and Angel funding in one place and time ever. Last year, Ron Bouganim (Govtech Fund), Brent Hoberman (Firstminute Capital), Christian Mandl (Govio), Marie Ekeland (Daphni) and James Wise (Balderton Capital) were among our attending investors. They joined Summit Vice Chairman and co-founder of PUBLIC Alex de Carvalho, in discussing the risks and opportunities the $400bn GovTech market is presenting.

Watch the whole panel here.


The GovTech Summit brings together the brightest innovators and Europe’s decision makers to rethink how government can operate. Join us this year and shape the future of GovTech and public services.

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