As the 2019 GovStart programme draws to a close, we take a look at the progress made by each company and their experiences as part of the GovStart cohort.


We joined PUBLIC at a really exciting time for Cinapsis. Within a year of going live, our technology is saving the NHS millions of pounds a year by transforming how patients are referred between primary and specialist care. Since we joined PUBLIC in July 2019, we have gone live with four more services, and have plans to expand even more. We are growing rapidly and pursuing opportunities across the UK and abroad. PUBLIC’s experience of financing and scaling high-growth technology companies has been invaluable and they have helped us connect with decision-makers throughout their network.

“We want to get the message out there: that healthcare systems using Cinapsis SmartReferrals are saving millions of pounds by having data that enables them to better design specialist services and treat patients quicker.”

Owain Rhys Hughes – founder and CEO



PUBLIC has been core to cementing a relationship with the NHS who will be promoting Mush to all new mums in the UK. They have also been great at introducing us to partners and investors who share an interest in this cause. Access to mentors and representatives in government has also meant we could talk about Mush far and wide to influencers that will help us drive adoption. 

“We will continue to be the experts in the perinatal health space and our NHS partnership will help us reach more mums about to undergo the huge life transition of becoming a mum.”

Katie Massie-Taylor and Sarah Heszfounders



PUBLIC has been immensely helpful to us at BookB. One aspect we struggled with early on is navigating the public sector space. It can be incredibly daunting if you don’t understand how it all works and who the decision makers are. The insight and conversations we’ve been able to have with senior people in Government has significantly changed our perspective. One important realisation is that whilst the long sales cycles of local councils and governments can be frustrating, this is just a natural consequence of any democratic process whose goal is to act in the interest of its citizens. Our job is to make it easier for local councils and government to understand that what we’re building will make the lives of its constituents better. PUBLIC has also provided much needed advice around product design and customer development. The many conversations we’ve had with the PUBLIC team have unveiled some of our most important insights about our customers needs.

“We imagined what a modern library in the year 2025 would look like and after many (ongoing) discussions with librarians, we got to work doing our part building the platform to support that.”

Jibril Gudal and Abdikaliq Igefounders



GovStart has proved really valuable to Coursematch. The programme is certain to amplify and accelerate our success. The GovStart influence has helped us reach top level meetings with key influencers, policy makers, and government ministers. The support helps us tell the Coursematch story and there is authentic political buy in to our project, especially around fair, free and full access to higher education. 

“We are growing our team, we are growing our client base, and we are growing our ambition to deliver a difference in access to education.”

Chris Worsey – co-founder 



Birdie joined the GovStart programme in 2019, and so far have had a great experience. From engaging with top Government ministers & civil servants, to the opportunity to visit Number 10 & pitch in front of the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, GovStart has done wonders for building our profile. We’re really excited to work with PUBLIC to engage with Local Authorities directly, and really appreciate the mentoring support we get.

“We support care professionals and families so that older adults can live longer, healthier and happier lives in their own homes. We’re on a mission to radically improve the lives of a million older adults!”

Abeed Mohamed – co-founder

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