We spoke to Owain Rhys Hughes – founder and CEO of GovStart 2019 company Cinapsis about how their SmartReferrals technology is transforming the working lives of front line hospital staff.

What is Cinapsis and why did you decide to embark on this venture?

Cinapsis SmartReferrals is a data and communications platform for hospitals, integrated care systems and primary care networks. Every year the EU28 countries spend €860bn on specialist care. Having worked as a surgeon for 13 years, I know that the way patients are referred into specialist services is broken.

Today, CEOs of hospitals and integrated care systems have little data on what is driving demand for specialist services. They are struggling to stay within budget and many are running huge deficits. Also, mandatory targets are being missed because patients are waiting longer for treatments and demand is increasing. Cinapsis is focused on transforming how patients are referred into specialist care.

How does your solution benefit clinicians and patients?

Our technology does two things: first, we make it very easy for GPs, nurses, and paramedics to talk directly and securely with local specialists – either over the phone, through messaging or by video – and make referrals when necessary. This means that patients start benefiting from specialist care without having to wait for an appointment or travel to hospital. Second, by understanding clinical decisions, our platform gives healthcare CEOs and CFOs unparalleled insights into why patients are referred to specialist services – real clinical data that simply wasn’t there before.

For CEOs, this means they can, for the first time, use data to design the delivery, location and manning of specialist healthcare services. This means that they can save money and make sure that patient waiting time targets are met. For patients, it means that they benefit from specialist advice even when seeing their own GP; it means not waiting to see a specialist, or worse, be referred to the wrong specialist before starting treatment. For GPs, nurses and paramedics outside of hospitals, it means being able to talk to a specialist securely and getting reassurance they’re doing the right thing.

Your journey with PUBLIC?

We have joined PUBLIC at a really exciting time for Cinapsis. Within 10 months of going live, our technology is saving the NHS millions of pounds a year by transforming how patients are referred between primary and specialist care. Since we joined PUBLIC in July 2019, we have gone live with four more services, and we are turning more services before the end of the year. We are growing rapidly and pursuing opportunities across the UK and abroad. PUBLIC’s experience of financing and scaling high-growth technology companies is invaluable to us at this time and they are helping us connect with decision-makers throughout their network.

What are the next steps for Cinapsis?

The next step for Cinapsis are to raise funding to continue growing and innovating. Our technology connects healthcare organisations and we are constantly seeing new user cases that our platform is evolving to support. At the same time, we want to get the message out there: that healthcare systems using Cinapsis SmartReferrals are saving millions of pounds by having data that enables them to better design specialist services and treat patients quicker.

Learn more about Cinapsis by following them on twitter @myCinapsis, or email them at hello@cinapsis.org!