#GovStart2018 just kicked off – Let’s #StartupState!
We just launched a new round of our GovStart accelerator programme, seeking to build an innovative new pipeline of technology companies transforming public services. The new GovStart cohort comprises 12 Tech Startups that cover a broad range of sectors to help drive innovation in public services – from health and social care, to traffic management and smart cities.

Find more information about the startups below:

Accelerated Dynamics is building an AI driven management platform which enables collaboration of robots for truly autonomous missions.

Forward Health is a secure mobile communication platform for clinical staff, empowering health professionals to spend more time with their patients.

Futr.Ai  is a machine learning platform which allows chat bots to augment internal and external systems and deploy two-way natural language conversation.

FreeUp is an ethical Fintech business that allows employees to access salary advances quickly and at low cost.

GoodBox is a social impact start-up with contactless payment devices dedicated to building digital solutions that effortlessly connect donors and causes.

Headlight AI is an enabled adaptive sensing and mapping technology that enables service robots and drones to operate without GPS.

Kraydel is the wellness partner for the elderly, reducing loneliness, isolation and enabling safe, independent living.

LocumTap connects clinicians with vacant shifts in healthcare organisations, improving staffing levels and reducing reliance on expensive agencies.

Sentient Machines uses deep learning to transform customer experience and boost productivity in call centres.

Strawberry Energy is improving people’s everyday lives in the city’s public spaces through smart street furniture.

Yo-Da is your personal data protection bot, automatically and systematically monitoring and enforcing your personal data rights.

Valerann has developed a wireless, sensory IoT system that provides real-time, high resolution information on everything that takes place on the road.
We are excited for the next 6 months and to be part of the progress of these innovative entrepreneurs!
Stay tuned to discover the future of these amazing companies!

“New technologies hold out the promise to transform the state, giving citizens new and better but also cheaper public services. PUBLIC’s GovStart programme has established itself as a world leader in finding and nurturing new solutions to public policy problems. I am excited to see what the new GovStart cohort of startups can achieve.”  

Join us at The GovTechSummit in Paris on 12 November 2018 to bring entrepreneurs to the public sector!