In March, concerns over an influx of COVID-19 patients in hospitals prompted an urgent rethink on how hospitals should be staffed.

As millions followed government guidance to stay at home, the challenge facing clinicians and hospital administrators was this: how do we ensure that hospitals are suitably staffed to respond to possible explosion in the numbers of seriously ill patients suffering with an infectious disease.

In episode two of the COVID Cast – a podcast exploring the technology response to the COVID-19 pandemic – PUBLIC’s Head of Growth, Edd Elliot speaks to Dr Anas Nader, CEO of Patchwork Health about the race to transform the UK’s healthcare system overnight in order to prioritise the response to COVID-19. 

Anas and Edd discuss the rapid change in focus from day to day healthcare to ensuring that staffing levels were sufficient to treat a predicted explosion in patients suffering COVID symptoms – and how this led to a fundamental shift in how hospital care, staffing and treatment were organised.

Anas’s talks about Patchwork Health’s work with NHS colleagues and other partners to help build a technological solution to this challenge, as well as priorities around staff wellbeing and digital transformation in the future.

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