With the Polish economy growing rapidly, it’s no surprise that its capital is developing into what will soon be a thriving GovTech ecosystem.


In 2018, the Polish economy grew by over 4% and is currently Europe’s second fastest growing economy – this trend is set to continue. The city was also recently voted the seventh most startup friendly city in the world. Whilst the city has suffered from capital flight to other leading European countries, higher rates of economic growth accompanied by the expertise and funds brought in by new accelerators and investors mean that Polish entrepreneurs are increasingly choosing Warsaw as the place to build their business. 

Startup initiatives from across the globe are setting up bases in the Polish hub. MIT has set up an accelerator programme in Warsaw as part of the MIT Enterprise Forum – across five cohorts so far, over 100 startups have been through the programme, amongst them are GovTech companies doing everything from HealthTech to smart cities. Google for Startups is also stationed here as Campus Warsaw and runs a startup school and residency program to support Polish startups. Other initiatives including ReaktorX and GammaRebels are also based in Warsaw, meaning funding and expertise are in no short supply for startups based in the Polish capital. According to the European Digital City Index, Warsaw ranks well on access to capital compared to similar economies in Europe, and is nearly in the top third of cities in Europe based on this measure. 

Alongside private sector support for entrepreneurship through accelerator programmes, coworking spaces, and leading tech events, tech startups also have backing from the Polish public sector. In 2018, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki set up GovTech Polska with the aim to strengthen the relationship between the public sector and startups. Emulating countries such as Singapore and the UK, this initiative aims to encourage startups to work more with government and vice versa. Through hackathons and other challenge-based initiatives, the Polish public sector is beginning to work more with innovative startups primed to provide solutions to the broad array of problems facing the public sector. 

The Head of GovTech Polska, Justyna Orlowska spoke at the GovTech Summit last year, on our “Can The State Buy Smarter?” panel, discussing how governments can improve their procurement processes to create opportunities to entrepreneurs and, consequently drive better public services.

With a dedicated GovTech programme, endorsed by the Polish government, accompanied by solid support from the entrepreneurial community through accelerators and coworking spaces, Warsaw is becoming a leading European GovTech hub – below are the city’s ten leading GovTech startups.

Top 10 GovTech Startups

AioCare  is a healthtech startup developing a personal system to help sufferers from pulmonary diseases monitor and treat their diseases through a portable spirometer and smartphone app.

#HealthTech #MedTech

Ifinity are building beacons based tailor-made technologies to help people interact with cities, providing real-time data on public transport and support with navigating around cities.

#SmartCities #MobilityTech #UrbanTech

TuPrawnik provide a tool for lawyers to get job assignments done quickly and hassle-free and provide a tool to regular consumers to make legal services more easily accessible.


MEDTube is a video-centric education and communication platform for healthcare professionals.

#HealthTech #MedTech

VERS is an advanced Energy Recuperation System developed in order to make city buses more fuel efficient and sustainable.

#MobilityTech #EnergyTech

eDoktor24 provides users access to video and telephone consultations with doctors to help cut down waiting list times and allow people to receive medical advice remotely. 

#HealthTech #MedTech

LingRoom  is a language learning platform that connects pre-vetted language tutors with individual students, providing tutoring and online courses.

#EdTech #Tech4Good

Lopi is a citizen engagement platform providing accessible data collection and analysis for decision makers. It brings together internet surveys, discussion forums and digital maps to provide cities with better data from their citizens.

#CivicTech #Democracy

IDENTT is using deep learning to develop a solution that allows you to automatically verify ID documents.

#Security #CybeTech

Absolvent is a social recruitment platform for students and graduates, aggregating data on jobs available and ratings for employers as well as providing access to professionals and employers.

#HRTech #Hiring


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