Founders Katie Massie-Taylor and Sarah Hesz from Mush speak to us about their journey with Mush and how the GovStart 2019 program is helping them cement a valuable relationship with the NHS.

What is Mush and why did you embark on this venture?

Mush started after Sarah and I met in a playground in late 2014. Both of us were floored by the long days spent alone with our babies and nothing existed to easily find others to share the days with. Over 90% of mums report to feeling lonely after they have babies and we experienced the transformative benefits of having a local friend first-hand. We knew we had to find a way to make finding that support network, both online and offline, a reality for every new mum. 

Mush was launched in 2016 and is now a way to find reassurance and advice, as well as local mum groups. Mush is a place you truly belong to when you become a mum.

How does your solution benefit mums?

The mental health of new mums has been overlooked for decades, and Mush helps alleviate loneliness (one of the key triggers for depression) as well as to answer the different questions that come up daily when a woman is faced with this brand new lifestyle for the first time.  So Mush helps mums both offline and online, all around the UK.

A mum’s life is improved by helping them get out of the house; we do this by showing mums nearby with kids the same age, local messaging groups and details of meet-ups and activities. Over half a million mums have found friendships on the app, whilst hundreds of thousands of meet-ups have taken place as a result.

A mum also benefits from the wealth of knowledge from other mums. You can find mums who have experienced the same circumstances as you (which can be very diverse- from premature births to single parenthood to problems with weaning/ breastfeeding/sleep!). Our chat groups and Q & A provides the reassurance and information a mum needs, which prevents a mum from feeling isolated.

Your journey with PUBLIC

PUBLIC has been core to cementing a relationship with the NHS who will be promoting Mush to all new mums in the UK. They have also been great at introducing us to partners and investors who share an interest in this cause. Access to mentors and representatives in government have also meant we could talk about Mush far and wide to influencers that will help us drive adoption.

What are the next steps for Mush?

Mush has built a product that makes mums feel happy, confident and connected. Everything we build has this objective in mind and our premium product is a ‘boosted’ proposition of these benefits. Access to experts, live chats and courses to improve confidence are starting to be enjoyed by Mush mums for a small fee.

Building on this revenue stream as well as others is core to Mush’s future roadmap. We will continue to be the experts in the perinatal health space and our NHS partnership will help us reach more mums about to undergo the huge life transition of becoming a mum. 

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