Interview with 2018 Pitch GovTech Winner – AID:Tech

Imogen Granger

15 October 2019

At last year’s GovTech Summit, Niall Dennehy from AID:Tech pitched in front of investors, public servants and ministers and was crowned 2018 PitchGovTech winner. One year later, we spoke to Niall about his experience last year and the progress that his startup AID:Tech has made since.

For those who missed last year, who are AID:Tech and what do you do?

AID:Tech allows people to control, own and manage their own data with self-sovereign Digital Identity. With the same Digital Identity we also enable Governments, NGOs and Charities to deliver digital services like remittances, welfare, healthcare and donations.

What’s new for AID:Tech?  

This year we have expanded the footprint of our Transparency Engine product and it is now being used across the world to transparently deliver aid and emergency response. Most recently in the Hurricane Dorian relief efforts in Florida, USA.

How did taking part in the PitchGovTech competition help AID:Tech?

It opened a lot of doors! Including high level meetings with municipalities, government ministers and even venture capitalists.


What advice would you give to this years’ competitors?

Grab the attention of the audience from the very start. Build a memorable story backed up with compelling evidence and show you have the most comprehensive solution. All delivered with some enthusiasm!

Why do you think startups should come to the GovTech Summit 2019?

It’s a great opportunity to meet with Europe’s best GovTech startups, all under one majestic roof. And also to experience and shape the future of this massive market for startups.


What is the future of digital identity?

One which everybody has complete control over their own digital data and can even choose to monetize it.

Applications are now open for PitchGovTech – click here to find out more and apply.

Interested in joining us at the GovTech Summit but don’t want to pitch? Click here to register for tickets for the GovTech Summit.

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