Manchester’s Top 10 GovTech Startups

Mira Cole-Wijaya

22 October 2019

With a long history of innovation and well known as the birthplace of the UK’s industrial revolution, Manchester 250 years on is now making waves in the digital tech scene.

In 2017, Manchester had a £3.2 billion digital tech business turn over, with over 100,000 workers currently employed in the digital economy and more than £500m of venture funding invested in tech startups in the last year. Manchester is home to 5 of the UK’s tech unicorns, including The Hut Group, Boohoo,, Autotrader and With the number of new tech companies born in the city growing rapidly every year the city is solidifying itself as one of Europe’s leading tech hubs.

Government, civic leaders and big businesses have also demonstrated huge support for the tech ecosystem within the city. Mayor Andy Burnham has specifically stated his desire to solidify Manchester as the UK’s leading tech hub. Manchester City Council has invested 2 million into a tech incubator with Manchester Science Partnerships, set to support startups in a myriad of industries including cybersecurity, AI, cloud technologies, smart cities, data analytics, digital health and the internet of things. Vodafone has chosen Manchester’s MediaCityUK as the testing ground for 5G. Meanwhile, the CityVerve project, and its £10million pound investment, is propelling Manchester towards a smart city status. 

The buzz around Manchester’s tech scene has also attracted Global tech companies, such as Amazon and Hewlett-Packard, to expand their presence to the city. The former announcing 600 new jobs hired into Manchester in 2018, with plans of 1000 more and the latter hiring office space for over 300 employees. Beyond this, accelerator programmes, incubators and co-working spaces are popping up across the city, helping to support the growing startup populations. 

Top 10 GovTech startups:

PushDr is a digital service allowing patients to see a GP in person or via an online consultation, drastically reducing patient waiting time to see a GP when they have a health complaint. 

Mind Moose is an interactive App for children, that helps them develop good mental health and wellbeing through helping them learn how their mind and brain works, helping them develop good self esteem and self awareness, and teaching them ways to deal with their emotions.

Zaptic is a productivity startup which helps organizations streamline their streamline their workflows.

Gendius is an AI based platform helping people suffering from diabetes to calculate their risk of developing complications.

Simplifai Systems is an artifical intelligence driven transport management system which helps build smart transportation and mobility solutions.


GoodBox is a fundraising-focused hardware and software tech start-up that allows contactless card donations for charities and the non-profit sectors.


Flynotes is a digital consent platform for dental and medical procedures. It provides an easy-to-use and robust consenting process, which addresses the rising litigation and poor user experience that clinicians and patients face. 

Coursematch reinvents access to higher education, connecting students direct to providers.

Peak.Ai is an AI and Machine learning platform which helps organizations leverage their data for better outcomes.

BuddyHub reduces loneliness and isolation in older people by using smart technology to match members to volunteers.

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