Mapped: Testing What Counts

Rachel Guthartz

04 April 2018

Andrew Babbage, Commercial Director of Applied, tells PUBLIC about Applied’s new platform Mapped which aims to test what counts fairly in recruitment processes.

What is Mapped?

Mapped is an aptitude testing platform used to evaluate the numerical and problem solving skills of candidates applying for analytical roles. It was built in response to both customer and candidate feedback that the existing aptitude tests out there are not diversity friendly, test things that aren’t relevant and are incredibly tedious to take.

Applied, a technology company dedicated to removing bias from recruitment, has teamed up with Freshminds, recruitment experts in analytical and consulting roles, to create Mapped and bring the aptitude test kicking and screaming into this century.

Mapped looks to test what counts fairly, and to provide candidates with a positive experience – ultimately helping to get the best person for the role, regardless of their background.

Mapped was started by Freshminds and Applied, a PUBLIC portfolio company.

How does Mapped make recruitment fairer? And why do fairer and more user-friendly recruitment processes matter?

Traditional aptitude test pass rates differ between 7-20% for men and women, and a big contributor to that is a variety of biases that sneak into the way these tests are worded, structured and administered.

For example, differing risk appetites and levels of competitive confidence between different groups of people can advantage one group over another by rewarding risk-taking guesses and those that excel under time pressure. If you’re not testing for these traits, they can skew the results of the numerical/analytical skills that you care about.

We embed the latest evidence-backed methodologies proven to tackle these factors into the platform in order to level the playing field for everyone using the platform. We then pore over the data we collect to continuously fine tune these methodologies in order to improve the tests each time and continue getting the best and fairest outcome.

Why does this all matter? Diversity & inclusion in the workplace is a moral and business imperative. Diverse teams have been shown to stimulate innovation, challenge the status quo and break down groupthink.

The foundation of any diverse and inclusive workforce is a thoughtful, fair and unbiased recruitment process. The war for talent is intensifying and companies are recognising that a fair and enjoyable candidate journey is critical to attract top talent and protect their brand. We see recruitment changing for the better, and we hope to play a major role in that!

What role does technology play in Mapped?

Mapped is cloud-based software as a service with a serious data analytic engine hooked up to the back-end. Drawing on our behavioural science background, we experiment, measure, tweak and improve the platform continuously and it’s the tech that gives us that instant access to data and quick feedback on our changes.

We’re big believers of tech as an augmenter of human judgement and decision making in recruitment, and Mapped is a great example of how tech can be used to remove barriers and biases and guide users to adhere to the best methodologies as recommended by research.

Tech has enabled advanced methodologies from evidence-based research to be reduced down to a few clicks and be accessible to all.

You’ve just launched Mapped, what are your hopes for the platform, and how do you think it’s going to change the recruitment – and work – landscape?

We’re out to change the way people recruit big time and Mapped is a key part of that.

Modernising and rejuvenating the aptitude test is just the start. Mapped will evolve rapidly as we analyse thousands of data points, allowing us to continuously improve the test, help make hiring more scientific and get even smarter with our de-biasing methodologies.

Mapped dovetails with Applied, our broader recruitment platform, and together we’re bringing the science and methods to enable the future of work and recruitment today.

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