PUBLIC believes that we are stronger when we have a diverse team, and that diversity drives innovation. We also recognise that making and maintaining PUBLIC as a diverse organisation requires focus and work from every team. In response to the black lives matter movement, we formed a Diversity Working Group and began work on building a diversity action plan for our organisation. We spent the summer meeting and working with each team in our organisation, to consider the actions and measures that we should put in place to improve diversity and inclusion in our company. We primarily considered our commitments through a lens of racial diversity, but through the course of our work, we naturally found that commitments to improve our racial diversity could equally be applied to other forms of diversity, particularly gender. But our work is not done – and the Diversity Working Group will continue work over time to expand this plan to include more specific actions and commitments to increase diversity through disability, neurodiversity and sexuality lenses.

We hope that by putting this plan into action, we will make PUBLIC a place where diverse communities are represented, supported, respected and heard. We will monitor our progress and ask each team to report on their successes (and failures) twice a year.