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Our portfolio

Accelerated Dynamics
Accelerated Dynamics is building an AI driven management platform which enables collaboration of robots for truly autonomous missions.
Adzuna is a search engine for job ads that lists every job, everywhere.
Apolitical is building an international knowledge platform and community of public servants to make it easy to discover and share the best solutions anywhere.

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Applied helps you to remove bias and stereotype threat from job descriptions. Our recruitment platform helps you hire fairer, faster, and retain hires for longer.
Ask the Midwife
UK's first online advice platform run by midwives for women and their families. Users get fast, professional advice at the touch of a button.
Cera is a technology-enabled care provider, aiming to deliver quality, consistent and transparent care for adults of all ages in the comfort of their own homes.
Calipsa is automating video surveillance and monitoring and aims to be the Google Analytics for the real world.
Echo is a simple, free and secure app that lets you order NHS prescriptions and get medication delivered to your door.
Eyn transforms your smartphone into a real time biometric identity verification device.
Flynotes is an innovative digital consent platform, improving patient safety across healthcare.
Forward Health is a secure mobile communication platform for clinical staff, empowering health professionals to spend more time with their patients.
FreeUp is an ethical Fintech business that allows employees to access salary advances quickly and at low cost.
Futr.ai is a machine learning platform which allows chat bots to augment internal and external systems and deploy two-way natural language conversation.
GoodBox is a social impact start-up with contactless payment devices dedicated to building digital solutions that effortlessly connect donors and causes.
Headlight AI
Headlight AI is an adaptive sensing and mapping technology that enables sensor systems to operate in harsh environments.
Kraydel is the wellness partner for the elderly, reducing loneliness, isolation and enabling safe, independent living.
Patchwork connects clinicians with vacant shifts in healthcare organisations, improving staffing levels and reducing reliance on expensive agencies.
Novoville is a citizen engagement platform that simplifies and enhances the communication between people and their local authorities.
Pockit is building a bank focussed on providing financial services to unbanked and financially underserved consumers.
Red Sift
Red Sift’s OnDMARC cybersecurity product uses AI and data analysis to help organisations deploy DMARC to block phishing attacks and increase email deliverability.
Sentient Machines
Sentient Machines uses deep learning to transform customer experience and boost productivity in call centres.
Strawberry Energy
Strawberry Energy is improving people’s everyday lives in the city’s public spaces through smart street furniture.
Valerann has developed a wireless, sensory IoT system that provides real-time, high resolution information on everything that takes place on the road.
Yo-Da is your personal data protection bot, automatically and systematically monitoring and enforcing your personal data rights.