World leaders join GovTech Summit to set out vision for new wave of digital government



Today marks the start of PUBLIC’s fourth annual GovTech Summit,  bringing together global leaders to discuss how focussing on tech for good is critical to maintaining consent for tech and a prosperous society. 

As big questions swirl around big tech platforms and their risks to democratic institutions, Daniel Korski, CEO and CoFounder of PUBLIC, opened the Summit saying: “We don’t need more Facebooks, we need the next generation of tech companies to solve society’s biggest problems. Whether it is finding answers for climate change, post covid healthcare or keeping children safe online, the challenges are legion. Restoring public confidence in the internet relies on this shift in technology’s focus.”

Europe’s premier GovTech event has officially kicked off across both London and The Hague. This year’s iteration - Build Back Digital - will give attendees from around the globe the chance to learn from leaders at the forefront of how governments can use technology to develop their COVID-19 recovery strategies and create truly digitally-enabled, accessible and inclusive societies.

It begins alongside the launch of this year’s edition of PUBLIC’s report ‘The State of European GovTech’, which highlights the rapid acceleration of the GovTech sector on the continent since COVID-19. The new wave of tech for good seeks to solve the biggest challenges citizens face with most European governments set to establish formal GovTech programmes by 2025. 

By bringing together conversations with innovators and key decision-makers who have shaped the sector in Europe, the report looks to the future of GovTech, predicting what governments’ priorities will be and how startups can best engage in the delivery of public services in these key priority areas. 

In his first post-appointment speech, Stephen Barclay, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Minister for the Cabinet Office, joins the Summit to share how The Central Digital and Data Office was  established to strengthen central oversight of data in the UK Government. Barclay will share the ways COVID-19 has accelerated technical innovation to speed up and improve the way people interact with the government online. 

Keynote speakers for this year’s event include Prime Minister of Estonia, Kaja Kallas, and Ana Brnabić, Prime Minister of Serbia. Under their tech-savvy leadership, both nations are now world-leading hubs of GovTech innovation. Kallas will discuss the importance of open public data and how best to build international networks of trusted connectivity between like-minded powers to build the digital governments of the future.  Additionally, Brnabic will outline where EU rules and regulations need to be adapted to fit in a modern digital age and lay out how to tackle the challenges of cross-sector digital transformation.

Over a thousand attendees, startups, and investors are expected to attend where they will be given the opportunity to hear insightful speaker sessions across in-person and hybrid panels, fireside chats, and interactive Q&A discussions. 

Speaking about the GovTech Summit, CEO and Co-Founder, Alexander De Carvalho said: “From health and social care to climate and online safety, the volume of digitally-empowered innovation taking place across Europe’s public services is testament to the GovTech ecosystem that has emerged in recent years. 

PUBLIC has championed GovTech from the start and as we kick-off our fourth GovTech Summit, it is remarkable to see how far it has come, moving from a game-changing vision into a promising reality. This year’s Summit will only take that mission further, with the widest selection of ministers, officials, entrepreneurs and investors coming together to discuss the many opportunities for governments to seize as they enter the next era of digital innovation of public services post-COVID-19.”

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