Buying Into The Future

How To Deliver Innovation Through Public Procurement

For the modern state, there are few policy priorities as important as how it buys technology and innovation. To keep up to date with the pace of change in the wider digital economy, it is absolutely crucial that Government modernises its procurement and commercial processes. with startups, and forming a new innovation team in the Cabinet Office.

This report:

  • Outlines why working with startups should be a key policy priority for Government, and how it will benefit the wider UK economy.
  • Analyses actual technology spend by three central government departments, showing that direct spend with startups and SMEs is as low as 8.1%.
  • Surveys leading GovTech startups to understand the main barriers facing smaller companies.
  • Breaks down the procurement process into stages, with tips for startups on how they can win more business.
  • Makes 15 recommendations for how government can become a world-leader in innovative procurement: including setting new spend targets

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Johnny Hugill
Johnny Hugill
Head of Research and Intelligence
Ramraj Puvinathan
Ramraj Puvinathan
Transformation Associate