GovTech En France

État des lieux et perspectives

GovTech in France is on the rise. 2019 saw record levels of venture investment in the sector, the introduction of a wave of new startup-friendly policy measures from the French government and a number of landmark digital transformation initiatives. This report assesses the state of the GovTech sector in France in 2019, and provides a blueprint for how it can grow in the future.

This report:

  • Sizes the French GovTech market at €16bn – the largest in Europe.
  • Tracks €1.53bn of venture investment since 2012, showing how the largest 10 GovTech deals came in late-2018 and 2019.
  • Showcases the PUBLIC50 – the best 50 French GovTech startups.
  • Provides 15 recommendations for how to supercharge the GovTech sector in France.

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Johnny Hugill
Johnny Hugill
Head of Research and Intelligence