With just one week to go until the day of the Summit, here are five ways to make the most of the networking opportunities on offer, and how to connect with some of the most interesting people in the GovTech realm.

  1. The Summit App

Brella is a simple app that helps you find people to network with, and is an absolute must for the GovTech Summit.

The tool has a number of clever features. Brella matches you to people with similar interests, allows you to easily book meetings and organise face-to-face appointments with a time and location. The app is also the one-stop-shop for logistical information on the day. On the ‘Schedule’ section you will find the GovTech Summit’s entire schedule including times, locations, and panel descriptions. You can also search the Summit’s speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, friends and partners, and media partners.

Last year nearly 600 meetings were held between Governments, startups & investors through Brella – don’t miss out.



Not yet downloaded the app? Fear not – you can download it here – just use the entry code GovTech19. 


2. Networking Areas & Exhibition Floor

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can access the Summit Map. This will show you two designated ‘Meetup Areas’, one on each floor, and an ‘Exhibition Floor’.

The Meetup Areas are a great place to go if you have organised a specific networking meetup . But it’s also great if you fancy having a chat to some interesting people and networking organically. The meetup areas will have tables and chairs numbered specifically so you know where to meet your networking partner. The GovTech Summit attracts GovTech enthusiasts from all across the globe so you won’t struggle to find interesting founders, investors, public servants and government officials to chat to.

On the Ground Floor of the building you will find the Exhibition Floor in which our exhibitors will be there to chat to you all things GovTech. You can see on the app where each exhibitor is in the room and the number of the stand they are at. Find exhibitors that interest you, and start a conversation!

3. Ask questions at panels 

Another great way to meet new people and spark conversations is to ask questions during panels. You can do this through the Brella app – just click on the ‘more’ tab and then on ‘Slido’. 

Slido is an application which allows you to send in questions using your smartphone, which will then be sent to the moderator of the panel. Just click the Slido tab and select the name of the stage you are at to submit your question.

For each panel there will also be a poll for you to answer which should generate a buzz before and during the debate. You can also use the Slido application to submit real-time feedback about your experience at the Summit which will greatly help us to improve on the day and in future events to come. 

4. Come to the GovTech Summit Off Party

Not sure what to do after the Summit? The Off Party, located at trendy co-working space Liberte Living-Lab, is the perfect place to celebrate the second edition of the Summit and to mingle with like-minded individuals. Alongside drinks and nibbles, you will also have the opportunity to use the LLL “open mic” to pitch your solution for reinventing public services! The reception will start at 7pm and closes at 9:30pm, click here for directions. 

If you’re planning on attending this great event or want more information, please register here.

5. Talk to strangers!

The Summit is undoubtedly a great place to network. With attendees and speakers arriving in Paris from across the globe, don’t miss out on meeting some of the best and brightest individuals in the GovTech realm. If you’re interested in helping public services digitalise and in re-thinking government then you will have come to the right place, so don’t be shy to make the first move and reach out to people at the event.