Vilnius’s Top 10 GovTech Startups

Lichelle Wolmarans

05 September 2019

Vilnius is quickly building a reputation for being the fast-growing innovation hub of the Baltic region and has immense potential to develop a vibrant GovTech scene.

Lithuania is following the lead of other European countries and actively taking steps to attract technology startups and foster local innovation, with Vilnius being the epicentre of this emerging ecosystem. Through government initiatives such as open data and intelligent city policies, Startup Visas for entrepreneurs, the 5th fastest internet speed in the EU, as well as the 3rd lowest corporate tax rate in the EU, Vilnius is quickly building a reputation for being the fast-growing innovation hub of the Baltic region.

The Lithuanian government has been at the forefront of driving much of this startup enthusiasm. Enterprise Lithuania, a public sector institution, has followed the example of Estonia in establishing Startup Lithuania: a one stop shop for startups, collating ecosystem news and events, as well as providing a startup database and a job marketplace.

More general startup growth has been complimented by GovTech specific agendas. Earlier this year, led by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, the first Lithuanian GovTech Lab was established, looking to take on its first cohort of companies later this year. The GovTech Lab is running three pilot public sector innovation challenges in 2019, awarding prizes and government contracts to challenge winners. With a new intelligent city strategy, with the priority of improving happiness, public health outcomes, and reducing travel time, Vilnius is ready to take hold of the benefits that a GovTech ecosystem has to offer. 

Vilnius boasts a promising innovation and investment climate for GovTech startups, with the capital city playing home to a number of accelerators, such as Accelerator One, 70Ventures, Katalista Ventures, and Nextury Ventures, as well as incubators Blockchain Center and Business Hive Vilnius. In addition, the governmental Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) provides up to €30k for startups to register designs and patents internationally, as well as “InnoVouchers” and grants to support R&D and innovation.

With all this in mind, it is unsurprising to see some talented GovTech companies emerge. Below is a list of ten of the most promising GovTech startups based in Vilnius. 

Top 10 GovTech Startups

Trafi connects and compares all the mobility and transport option a city provides at any one time, in real-time, providing the most efficient and cost-effective routes. Public transport tickets can also be bought and activated via the app.

#MobilityTech #UrbanTech

Oxipit builds machine learning and image recognition technology for radiologists, helping to decrease the amount of time spent analysing X-rays, increase the accuracy of diagnosis, and reports priority cases which require urgent attention.

#MedTech #HealthTech

Pixevia develops artificial intelligence solutions for security camera systems to enable smart parking without placing sensors in the ground. Pixevia monitors real-time occupancy to provide parking guidance, and free-flow license plate recognition to allow enforcement of borderless parking fees.

#SmartCity #UrbanTech

Lympo uses blockchain technology to gamify fitness and democratize the online personal fitness data market. The company offers users the opportunity to monetize their fitness data by offering LYM tokens for completing running and walking challenges.

#HealthTech #Gamification

GoHisto provides online tests and exercises prepared by Lithuanian history teachers to help students identify their knowledge gaps and prepare for the Lithuanian state history exams.

#EdTech #Tech4Good

DocLogix builds digital document and process management systems and now works with the Ministry of the Interior to connect the 23 agencies within the ministry with a single document management system.

#GovTech #EGovernment

ManoDaktaras is a digital platform which helps patients find doctors. Patients can search for specializations, read reviews, compare doctor ratings and book appointments all in one place.


AgroSmart is a crop farm management programme for farmers to model their economic efficiency and yield, plan investment, planting and agrochemical use, and report to public authorities.

#AgriTech #Farming

Zive combines a personal ECG heart rate monitor with an app that gives you insights into your heart rate status through the day and notifies you of potentially hazardous changes in the heart’s activity, as well as your symptoms and risk factors over time.

#MedTech #HealthTech


UberSafe is an app with which sends a security alert with your location to a predefined contact person at the touch of a button. The SOS function shares your location with local security patrols and all other users of the app in the immediate vicinity.

#PoliceTech #PublicSafety

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