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Technology and Workforce Productivity in Health: Important Before, Crucial Now
In the last 18 months the NHS has had to undergo one of the largest staff reorganisations ever seen. Check out this blog post to learn about the shifts transforming the NHS workforce and how tech solutions can provide assistance.
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Tech For Our Planet champion BrainBox AI on moving from pledge to plan in the race to net-zero
A huge congratulations to BrainBox AI who was announced as the winners of the COP26 Tech For Our Planet showcase run by PUBLIC and the Cabinet Office. Check out this interview detailing their innovative digital solution and journey through the Tech For Our Planet process!
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Nov 23, 2021
Making procurement greener and more sustainable: working on new guidance for global governments
With COP26 over, there has never been more interest in sustainability across the world - but nor has there probably been more frustration given all the lofty talk and little concrete action. 
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