Who we are

PUBLIC helps reimagine and build digitally-enabled public services.  We started life as an accelerator and investor and have evolved to become Europe’s leading government-focused technology company.  

Our mission is to help public sector bodies transform the services they offer in order to create a better society for everyone. We strongly believe that public service can be pursued both inside and outside of government.

Led by Daniel Korski, ex-deputy head of the No.10 policy unit and venture investor Alexander de Carvalho, PUBLIC is a ‘policy-to-product’ business - keen on shaping policy, transforming systems and finding and developing the products that can bring the policy to life.

Since 2016 we have helped to create and are a part of a leading ecosystem helping to solve pressing issues in the public domain. We built PUBLIC amidst Europe’s startup ecosystem, helped shape “govtech” and firmly believe new companies are critical to government transformation.

Our London home is PUBLIC Hall, a co-working space in the centre of Whitehall; in Berlin we co-founded and work inside the government’s GovTech Campus. This allows us to best support innovators and easily provide governments with access to a pipeline of truly innovative solutions.

What we do

We think of our work in three categories:


We advise governments, public bodies and partners seeking to digitally innovate their services and systems


We build technology products and services to transform the public sector from health and social care to procurement and law enforcement


We convene innovators, policy-makers and investors to explore and shape the best future of public services

Why work with us

We think the following four characteristics make working with us unique, energising, enjoyable and effective:

We are ecosystem-anchored

We convene an ecosystem of change-makers,  facilitating collaboration between public bodies and innovative companies.

We are policy-literate

We live in the nexus of policy and technology, knowing that technology - whether AI or automation - cannot alone change the nature of public services.

We are product-focused

We know what best-in-class software products look like, how to build and integrate them with existing systems and know how to manage the complexities of procurement.

We embrace startup culture

Startup culture informs everything we do and how we work - we are creative, flat, open, motivated, agile, fast-moving, inclusive, user-obsessed and fixated on our mission.
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