Working Group Formed to develop new Online Safety Association

Ian Stevenson - CEO Cyan Forensics

10 March 2020

In November 2019 a group of leaders from the online safety community met in Westminster to explore challenges and opportunities in the sector.  We collectively concluded that there is a need for a body that represents those creating technology for online safety.

Following a further meeting in February, we’ve agreed basic principles for a new body to represent the online safety technology industry in the UK.  Key objectives will include providing a voice of hope by informing policy makers, tech companies and the public about available online safety technologies, collective influence on policy, regulation and support for the sector, and building efficient networks.

A working group has agreed to take these ideas forward towards formally establishing an association:

·         Ian Stevenson, CEO, Cyan Forensics  (Chair)

·         Richard Pursey, CEO, SafeToNet

·         Anna Vartapetiance, CEO, Securium

·         Gordon Scobbie, Yoti

·         Kim Kingan, COO, Cyan Forensics (Secretary)

Companies that have signed up to participate in this new group include:

·         FireflAI – Protecting children from live streaming nudity.

·         Cubica – The UK’s Leading Experts in Image Analytics

·         Crisp Thinking – Protecting the world’s largest brands from harmful social content

·         Cyan Forensics – Helping law enforcement, social media and cloud companies find and block harmful content from paedophiles and terrorists

·         Image Analyser Limited – Automated computer vision AI that detects visual threats including pornography, extremism and graphic violence

·         Qumodo Ltd – Research, design and develop artificial intelligence for the security, defence and law enforcement sectors

·         Safe to Net –  Keeping children safe online wherever they are around the world and is fast becoming the globally leading authority in online safeguarding.

·         Securium – Advanced Cyber-Intelligence company developing software and services to protect businesses and individuals.

·         Vigil AI – Combatting child abuse with artificial intelligence

·         Yoti – The simple, most secure way to prove your identity online and in person.

Representatives from IWF, NSPCC and WeProtect have also contributed to meetings shaping the agenda.

Join Us

The working group is keen to engage with as many companies as possible so we can help to ensure their interests are represented, they are kept informed of progress, and they can participate in events and publicity that will start to ramp up later in the spring.

To find out more, offer support, or join the growing list of companies publicly supporting this effort please get in touch with

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