Can you transform the public sector?

What we do

Helping startups transform the public sector

We bring together experience from the public sector, technology and finance to help startups solve public problems.


Connecting tech startups with key people across the public sector.


Helping startups with strategy, product development and sales.


Sharing intelligence about the public sector, opportunities and technical requirements.


Funding tech startups looking to solve public sector problems.

“Government needs help from startups across a range of areas from cyber security and data compliance through cloud brokerage, robotic automation, machine learning to cloud-based resilience, legacy modernisation and customer experience integration. GovStart is a great way to help startups support government in addressing these challenges.” Mark Dearnley, former CDIO at HMRC

The public sector in numbers

GovTech is a great opportunity

global govtech market
UK procurement spend in 2015
UK local government spend on IT

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Startup growth programme


GovStart is a growth programme to help startups do business with the public sector. Startups need different support depending on what they do and who they want to work with. We will build an individual programme for every startup who joins GovStart, based on their product, knowledge gaps, market and time constraints. We ask for 3% equity.

Some of the challenges we can help you overcome


  • Identifying public sector problems and trends
  • Demystifying the government sales cycle
  • Fitting your product to the public sector


  • Identifying decision makers and budget holders
  • Dedicated person to support your engagement
  • Use of the extensive and international Public network


  • Maintaining regulatory compliance (inc. GDPR)
  • Using government data responsibly
  • Ensuring cyber protection


  • Writing successful bids
  • Pitching to the public sector
  • Integrating with legacy systems

GovStart Speakers

Learn from experts




How it works


Apply online. Applications close on April 27th.


Get to know the Public team and partners. We learn how to help.


We make you an offer and build your unique programme.

Programme Start

Kickoff in June. One month in house. Five months flexible.


GovStart FAQs


What is the time commitment?

It’s a 6 month programme running from June to December. The first month will be in house. The remaining five will be flexible.

Does my whole team have to attend?

No, The whole team does not have to attend. We will need one business and technical representative from every company to participate. This can be the CEO and CTO, but if your Head of Business Development is in charge of Public Sector work, then that’s the right person.

Is this another accelerator?

GovStart isn’t an accelerator. We are 100% focused on helping you do business with the public sector. We believe the content we bring is totally different to the content provided by accelerators. If there is content you have covered, we will not include it in your programme.

What if I am not based in London?

We accept applications from anywhere. However, we ask that you spend one month in London at the start of the programme. We can make a contribution to travel expenses. For the remaining five months it would be ideal for you to travel to London at least once a week.

Who are the people you are working with?

We are working with people who:

  • Currently work in the public sector,
  • Used to work in the public sector
  • Have sold in the public sector – both from the large and small company side.

Examples include Mark Dearnley, ex CTO of the Cabinet office, Bill Crothers, ex Chief Procurement Officer and James Steventon – who has sold £100m+ public sector contracts.

For more details, check out our current list of speakers.. As part of the unique programme, we will outline people we think are most relevant for you.

Will I be competing with the other startups on the programme?

We will not take two startups in the same class who are competitive. We certainly do not want companies going for the same tender. It is crucial that all the startups in the class help each other and trust each other.

Which areas of the public sector are relevant?

We have a broad network and understanding across the public sector: central government departments, agencies, city and local governments, the NHS and beyond, but also internationally and with the charity sector.

What sorts of technology is the public sector interested in?

The public sector is broad and diverse, with a multitude of tech needs including: cloud management, cyber security, legacy modernisation, machine learning, robotic automation, data analytics, sensors and cross-government APIs.


What we look for

  • Team with a track record
  • A tested and technically defensible product
  • Runway to sustain the programme
  • Willingness to contribute to the GovStart community
  • The desire to improve society

Who we are

Meet the team

  • Daniel Korski
    Daniel KorskiChief Executive Officer

    Ex-Deputy Head of Policy No 10 Downing Street / 20 years of high-level govt experience in UK, EU, US

  • Alexander de Carvalho
    Alexander de CarvalhoChief Investment Officer

    Venture investor, 8 + years in private equity and non-executive director of Heineken NV

  • Caroline Makepeace
    Caroline MakepeaceChief Operating Officer

    Ex-Tech City UK Director of Strategy / Formerly UK Trade & Investment and DCMS

  • Mark Lazar
    Mark LazarHead of Platform

    Ex-Programme Manager, Techstars. Five Techstars Accelerator cohorts in London and Tel Aviv.

  • Justine Desmond
    Justine DesmondResearch Manager

    Ex-Head of Research, Osborne & Partners / Frmr staff at US House Committee for Science, Space & Technology

  • Lauren Cuscuna
    Lauren CuscunaResearch Fellow

    Cand. MPA & Social impact evangelist with experience in New York, Hong Kong and Uganda

  • Theo Blackwell
    Theo BlackwellPolicy Fellow

    Leading UK local government practitioner / 15 years senior experience in London city government

  • Calvin Dudek
    Calvin DudekTechnology Adviser

    Ex-Google, EF Alumni, Ex-Head of Data Science Innovation at DWP, Tech Entrepreneur

Advisory Board

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