AWS AI in the Public Sector Showcase

Driving the adoption of AI-powered solutions to improve government services.

This event took place on December 6th, 2023.

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Chiara Carlini

Head of Open Innovation Programmes

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What was the showcase?

As demonstrated by the recent AI Safety Summit, the public sector is increasingly recognising that off-the-shelf Artificial Intelligence (AI) products and services could deliver transformational improvements to public services for both civil servants and citizens. For many departments and agencies however, adoption of AI is at an early stage and there is no established framework for responsible use of AI in delivery of services.  That’s why PUBLIC was thrilled to partner with AWS to design and host an AI showcase featuring startups pitching innovative ideas across four core challenge areas - with the aim of exposing public sector stakeholders to a range of AI solutions that are designed to meet real-world problems. The showcase - which took place at PUBLIC Hall in Westminster on 6 December 2023 - was a productive half-day of startup pitching, sharing of insights by public sector leaders, and discussion. You can read more about the showcase, the selected startups, and insights shared by government leaders and other stakeholders present on the day in our post-event blog below!

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Featured Startups


UI Optimisation

Hazy leverages advanced generative AI to produce synthetic data that faithfully mirrors the statistical patterns and behavior of real data.

The Future Fox

UI Optimisation

The Future Fox’s PlaceBuilder platform equips governments, local authorities and the private sector with a comprehensive suite of tools to enable better citizen engagement, integrating a proprietary AI-enhanced analytics dashboard, PlaceBuilder, within its system.


UI Optimisation

Wordnerds is a text analytics SaaS platform that helps large organisations understand customers by pulling together different feedback channels and creating a single view of the customer conversation.


Case Management

Adarga's AI and Machine Learning (ML) services empower case managers by facilitating efficient exploration and utilization of extensive data volumes, enabling well-informed decision-making.


Case Management

Earlybird provides a platform which creates comprehensive profile reports for advisors, enhancing participant understanding and support for employability providers.


Case Management

Neural Space DocAI solution transforms document handling by automating manual data entry and improving data verification processes.

Deepsearch Labs

Compliance Monitoring

DeepSearch Labs provides an AI search engine that enables organisations to generate holistic insights from internal information and hundreds of external data sources (including news and social media).


Compliance Monitoring

Earth-i is a geospatial intelligence company using machine learning, artificial intelligence and Earth Observation satellite data to provide unique and relevant insights, that deliver clear decision advantage.


Compliance Monitoring

Legal-Pythia utilise Explainable AI for instant and precise identification of duplications and contradictions within documents and datasets, with a specific focus on detecting fraud.


Open Call Challenge

Advai stress test, evaluate, enhance, and red-team AI, enabling organisations to establish operational boundaries to avoid failures, or to apply mitigations to prevent them.


Open Call Challenge

PolyAI provides enterprise-grade voice assistants for customer service and help organisations resolve over 50% of calls, eliminate wait times, and consistently deliver excellence in user experience, even in highly regulated and customer-centric sectors such as banking, finance, and hospitality.

Specific Challenge Areas

Applications were called for innovative technology solutions that could address the following challenges:

UI Optimisation Shaped by the UK Government Digital Service

How can AI tools personalise experiences when users interact with public services online?

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Navigating public services or accessing information online can be difficult for citizens for a variety of reasons. AI-powered personalisation of online experiences can help connect service users with the services or information they are looking for much quicker and more effectively.

Case ManagementShaped by the UK Ministry of Justice

How can AI tools optimise decision making on individual cases, by making good information available and easily accessible to public sector staff?

Good decision-making, whether when dealing with service users or internal policy discussions, relies on access to quality information. AI tools that gather and present information based on case-specific conditions can enhance productivity and optimise decision-making for civil servants.

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Compliance MonitoringShaped by the Environment Agency

How can AI tools help regulators identify and deal with non-compliance?

Regulators can face the complex challenge of monitoring permit compliance in the activities they regulate. Using data from external datasets, newly generated data or analysing internal data can help to identify possible non-compliance and help guide the right response.

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With input from:

We also called for applications from startups whose solutions did not fit within one of the specific challenge areas:

Open Call Challenge

Leveraging AI to improve public outcomes across a range of public services

Outside of the specific challenge statements, we welcomed startups with AI solutions that can be applied to common challenges in the public sector. Whether they are focused on improving procurement processes, combatting public sector fraud, making public service processes more efficient or any other application of AI that can improve outcomes for the public sector, we were keen to receive applications from a diverse range of startups - and the solutions we encountered were fantastic.

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