Security & Online Safety

Working with clients across central government, regulatory bodies and industry to build safer online spaces, protect users and grow a responsible digital economy

Digital Policy Advisory

Combining our in-house expertise with innovative research methods and horizon scanning, we help policymakers understand the key drivers of security and online safety - from current and future trends, to interventions and frameworks - to inform effective, future-proofed policy.

Regulatory Design & Implementation

We help regulators design robust, innovation-friendly online safety regulation informed by the latest research ranging from exploring the impact of proactive technologies/content moderation to user journey mapping. To promote sector-wide compliance, we help industry partners achieve compliance while supporting business needs and user experience.

Digital Product Design

As experts in user research, service design, and product management, we help clients design valuable, compliant digital products that users love. We understand the challenges specific harm types present and apply safety by design best practice to ensure users are protected and engaged.

National Security Solutions

Collaborating with UK law enforcement and national security stakeholders, we address cross-government challenges in a rapidly-evolving threat landscape. Our specialist expertise in online harms and emerging technologies, along with our research, discovery and change management capabilities, aids clients in safeguarding UK citizens and achieving their mission.

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Maya Daver-Massion

Head of Online Safety

Daniel Fitter

Director of Strategy & Transformation

Clients & Partners


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Case Study

Safety Tech Standards Roadmap for Online Safety Regulation

Developing a ‘minimum-viable product’ for a standards framework to assess online safety compliance solutions

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Case Study

Assessing the prevalence of harmful content in search services

Comprehensive research to equip Ofcom with a deep understanding of online content accessibility via search services, informing online safety guidance

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The future of the online safety tech sector and AI for Good: How can we accelerate growth in the UK and beyond?

Insights from a roundtable between PUBLIC, UK Government, Ofcom, investors and industry experts on what’s next for the online safety tech sector.

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